Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fazing In or Resisting Taco Bell

My mother-in-law is coming for a visit in a few days and staying almost two weeks. Since her visit will not really allow me to keep any kind of normal routine (because we will be sightseeing and Smug-Hub will be off work), I have decided to let the time between now and her departure be a fazing in period for my new commitment to health and fitness.

I will make the best food choices possible given the fact that she will probably take of the kitchen while here and make all kinds of yummy deliciousness! Also, while here we are going to take her for a few days to Historic Williamsburg, so working out to my videos will not be possible. So, I am going to do my videos when possible and start easing into this new plan. Then once her visit is complete, I will be ready to hit it hard and fast!!

I was very proud of myself yesterday. I was starving, I had been doing stuff around the house all day and running some errands and I forgot to eat lunch. So, I was heading home for day and just started feeling sick I was so hungry. I knew that Taco Bell was on the way home and since Smug-Baby was asleep in the back seat, I knew I could get through the drive through and eat a nice Cheesy Bean and Rice burrito all the way home. I kept telling myself how it would take the edge off my hunger and how it would be so hard to cook anything once I got home and the baby was awake and wanting to play. But, I resisted!! I drove right past the evil fast food and home!

Once there I realized that I had left over pizza with broccoli and spinach from the weekend, so I heated that up and had two slices. The pizza satisfied my need for intimidate food, but all the veggies made me feel less guilty about eating it! Score!

I also did not do my workout videos yesterday. The biggest reason is that I simply forgot. I am not yet in the habit of doing them, so once I got home and looked at my to do list and got started caulking the bathtub and fixing the coffee table and washing baby clothes and so on, I just didn't think about working out all day. It wasn't until this morning when I woke up that I realized that I hadn't done them. So I guess I need to start putting them on my to do list daily until I get into the routine.

I should have remembered since I was feeling the hike from the weekend all day :)

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