Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life At Home

I don't have this staying home stuff figured out yet and it is bugging me. When I was working I had this whole routine and everything got done, but now I feel like I am floundering a bit. It should be like a regular day once 10am rolls around and since I am sleeping until 7 or 8 in the mornings and by the time showers and breakfast are done it is 10, but I find myself thinking about things that need to get done when I am say, laying in bed the night before and then not thinking about them again until the next night as I am going to bed.

I am not remembering to drink my water as regularly, I am not remembering that I wanted to work on say diapers today until its too late. I need to do things that I normally did before but I somehow forget about them, like I was blogging at night and posting first thing in the morning, now I am blogging and posting in the middle of the day while Smug-Baby is napping, but I forget to catch up on my reader at the same time. It should be routine right? Blog and reader at the same time, just like before, but I forget!

I have found the time to watch most of what is on the DVR and other than that my days are just kind of floating along. I have things that I need to do, places I need to go, but I just don't feel like doing any of it or I simply forget that I need to do whatever it is.

It has been super hot in my house the last few days and I finally broke down and turned on the AC yesterday and it took until this morning for the house to cool down. Perhaps I am feeling so lethargic because I have been dripping sweat constantly for the last few days! Maybe now that the house is feeling more comfortable, I will get myself back into the right frame of mind and get some things done!!

Maybe this is a normal part of adjusting to not having a job, maybe it is normal to spend some time decompressing from one chapter in life before fully starting another.

 Maybe I am just huge and doing anything, like something as simply as picking up ant traps from Lowes seems like a major ordeal!

The weekend is going to full of fun things and I am looking forward to the Girl's Night Out with friends on Friday, so maybe I just need to give myself this week to veg out a bit and work on creating a new schedule for next week! Maybe I should just have some pizza and ice cream and watch soap opera's today and leave the washing of diapers until next week :)

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