Wednesday, May 21, 2008


OK, so my last post was very depressing, and that day ended up getting worse before it got better. I will try to sum up...

My brother was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and we needed to go to a follow up doctor appointment. I was going to take him, but Mom wanted to. She calls me to tell me that the doctor would not see him because he could not pay for the visit. Long story shorter, I ended up haling ass over there to pay so he could be seen. This ended up being a really good thing as the doctor was really concerned about the swelling in his knees. I was really upset at my mom for not thinking to call me or otherwise come up with the $60 needed to get him seen.

I then went to lunch with dear Sassy who let me vent about everything and gave me some really good advice and after lunch I felt a ton better about everything!

That evening my husband and I reconnected (hint, hint) and it really helped to make us closer and happier. I guess that making time to be with each other is a really important thing, not just to help make a baby, but to keep our marriage working! I vowed to make sure that we make more time for each other more often from now on!

I have been doing really well on my plans for diet and exercise! I have been to gym twice this week and am going again after work today. I have stuck to my eating goals with only one slip up this week (OK I know it is only Wednesday, but whatever!) I had some apple crisp topping as a late night snack, but I was able to stop myself before eating all the topping off the entire pan! Score!

I did wake up this morning to proof that I am not going to be pregnant this month, so last nights little sugar attack may have had something to do with PMS or something.

OK, I think that is everything important since my last post, basically, while I am still not pregnant, I am focused on eating well, exercising, and spending quality time with my husband. I want to make sure that my body is ready and my marriage is strong, so each month that passes without getting pregnant is just one more month for my body to get healthier!

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