Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Am Grateful For....

I am so grateful for Smug-Sister, who supports me and loves me and picks up the slack whenever I need help.

I am grateful for the time that I have been spending with my brother, while I am not sure that this budding of a relationship will hold once he is feeling better, I am just grateful for the time that I have with him now, without expectations for the future.

I am grateful for my husband, who loves me truly and deeply. He is always there to hold me when I need to cry, boost me up when I am feeling low, and carry me when I can't move forward.

I am grateful for my will-power, which is getting stronger everyday. This will-power reminds me why I am depriving myself of mac and cheese, and pound cake. This will-power helps me fight temptation and resist peer pressure.

I am grateful to my body for continuing to lose a little bit each week, so that my motivation does not wane too much. This body that was always done what I asked of it. This body that I have not always treated with respect or done what is in its best interest.

I am grateful for the home that I love, the electricity that I often take for granted. I am grateful for my bills, for without them I would be without many of the creature comforts to which I have grown accustom.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my deepest feelings, fears, regrets, failings with the Spark People family. I have never felt judged or ridiculed for my feelings.

I am grateful to Weight Watchers, for also never making me feel less about myself. I know that there are people who are trying to lose a lot more weight than I, but I am still given a chance to speak, without anyone telling me that I don't really need to lose anything. I get that a lot from other sources and it is nice to feel accepted.

I am grateful to be on this planet, at this time, able to make a difference. I am grateful for my ability to use re-usable grocery bags, energy efficient light bulbs, environmentally safe cleaning products, and recycle.

I am grateful!


  1. Now I feel guilty for not being grateful enough. Good luck with Weightwatchers, Smug. I need to do something like that too.

  2. And my dear Smuggy---I am grateful that we met! You have been a wonderful, unexpected blessing in my life....a sister in the true sense of the word.