Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fancy Pants

Why is it that a simple person can no longer buy underwear in simple colors like white, cream or black even? I don't know when it happened, but underwear only come in hot pink, bright blue, sunshine yellow and the like and it is pissing me off!

I used to purchase my underwear from Victoria's Secret, but since becoming a home owner and working on becoming a parent, such things are out of my current price range. Haynes and Fruit of the Loom are becoming my new friends! The only problem is that I wear a lot of khaki pants and YOU CAN SEE HOT PINK THROUGH KHAKI!! What are these manufacturers thinking? I can't be the only woman who likes normal, sedate items underneath my clothes! What happened to all the light colors? And don't even get me started on all the wacky designs! They go under your clothes, people - they don't need to be striped, have circles, or other wonderful prints!!

All these colors are fine you wear thick wool pants and jeans only, but I have been noticing that most of the people that I see in a day, wear all kinds of colors of pants, and there are plenty of whom have been without other option apparently and been forced to wear something bright and I refuse to become one of them!

I will keep shopping until white comes back in style!

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