Monday, April 7, 2008

I Am In Love With My Wedding Photographers!

My husband and I had dinner this weekend with some new friends! Our wedding photographers! They are such a great couple, full of fun and laughs and wedding horror stories that kept us in stitches!

They also brought with them a copy of all the images from when I did my bridal pictures over the summer before the wedding. It has been so long since I had seen them that I have not been doing much besides looking at them.

I am way critical of them, as any women would be, but I really liked the artistic flair that these guys had when taking them. While I think that I look fat, or my hair is not quite right, or just feel funny looking at too much of myself - I really love them! I really wanted something that was not the standard bridal fare and they have exceeded my expectations. I feel like I have some really wonderful memories and that is primarily what you have after a wedding. Everything else is gone and over, but the pictures help you to relive the day, not to mention everything leading up to it!

These pictures (wedding and bridal) cause me such emotion, because they really capture the essence of the day, the whole experience, the emotions.

I will forever be grateful to Justin and Marie for helping me to keep my special day fresh in my mind and clear in my heart!

Thank you!

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