Friday, April 4, 2008

Officially Trying...Maybe....

I sent my husband this really heart-felt e-mail while he was on his most recent business trip explaining all my biological clock symptoms, fears and concerns regarding having a baby. He responded that we would discuss it, but then called me from his trip at 3am to tell me that he was ready and had been told not to wait any longer by all his business buddy's - I have to say there was a great deal of alcohol involved! Anyway, when he called the next day I told him I was holding him to the previous nights drunk dialing phone call promises and he did not seem too concerned.

When he arrived home from his trip we were very happy to see each other and as one thing was leading to another, I mentioned again that I wanted to make a baby. This did not seem to stop him in any way or put any kind of damper on the mood! I told him today a few things that I was going to do to him after our dinner guests leave tonight, mentioning again about making a baby. His only comment was that baby making was supposed to be fun and could not be done on a time table. I told him that the books recommend every other day, today (Friday) would be that other day!

We will see how tonight goes, but I am cautiously optimistic that we are getting to being on the same page regarding starting our family. I want to have a nice long sit down discussion with him and make sure that we are on the same page, but I have made it very clear what I am wanting and it has not seemed to cause him any heart palpitations yet.

I have become very interested in maternity clothes. I think that I can get some really cute stuff online for not too much money. I think that I will only need a few things - a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of khaki pants, 2 pairs of black pants, several tops for wearing to work, a dress or two, some workout or stretchy pants, and a couple of t-shirts. I will probably also need some PJ's, but really I think that I can get most of what I am going to need for just a couple hundred dollars - I have been looking at these really cute pants with the low waisted elastic band and thinking that I might be ready to wear those now, they look really comfortable!

I have also renewed my commitment to start living like a pregnant person, so I typed up all the things that I am no longer allowed to have and all the things that I should be doing and eating to have a healthy pregnancy. I figure that if this week's activities had the desired result I could already be pregnant (yeah, right), so if we are going to be trying, then I might always be already pregnant, so it is time to get with the program! It is important to be in good health and have good fitness and be eating right for a while before getting pregnant.

OK, I am off to go eat lasagna, bread and cheesecake at the first dinner party we are having in our new house!

Yes, I see the irony that I just committed to being healthy for my possible peanut, and now I am going to eat cheesecake, but it's a process, give me a break!


  1. Congratulations, if not now, soon!

    Cheesecake and embryos get along just fine, R. It's that alcohol thing you need to avoid, of course, and stay away from those nasty smokers too! That first trimester is critical.

  2. Thanks, it was really good - I think that I need another piece!!

  3. The fun is in the making them...not the raising of them. Or at least that is what I have heard...

    Have fun and congratulations!