Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home from Vacation

I think that I have a major crush on all the members of my new family! I love having these brothers that think I rock. They can walk past me without giving me a hug or teasing me or rubbing my arm or shoulder. We talked about how we fill a void for each other, since they never had a sister and I don't have a good relationship with my brother. It would never occur to my brother to move so that I could sit, or that I might be cold and give me his coat - it does occur to these boys. I react and relate to each of them differently, like Cheese and I joke and tease each other constantly and talk about his girl issues. Laugh and I discuss politics, food and children. Tech and I discuss technology, books, school and more politics.

My mother-in-law has shown me how to make all these wonderful foods that my husband grew up with as well as some new things that she perfected just for me. I have found a way to get green chile online, so I will be able to work on replicating these foods at home now too!

We spent the first day flying in, eating a late breakfast, napping and visiting with everyone. We ate dinner at El Pinto who actually sells their salsa in grocery stores near our home, so that was cool. There are nachos on the menu that were voted the best in the US by Bon Appetit' magazine. When Cheese and Laugh asked the waiter how big it was, he replied "I've seen 4 people almost finish it, 3 people make a pretty good attempt, 2 people make a fair dent and 1 person eat a few chips off the top." Cheese and Laugh decided to share it and they literally inhaled it, causing the waiter to gasp upon seeing the very clean plate!

The second day we did some shopping, eating and more visiting with family. Then on the 4Th of July we drove the whole day! We started out by stopping at this little gas station on the Indian reservation and all these native Americans had tables set up and were selling food, pottery, and LOTS of jewelry! I found a wonderful freshwater pearl necklace for myself and some items for Smug-Sister, mom and step-mother. I really should have stocked up for Christmas gifts, but whatever!

Then we stopped by one of my husband's accounts, Cow Creek, and while the drive was a bit treacherous the lodge was really beautiful!

We finally ended up at the family ranch about 8pm that evening. More eating, more visiting ensured followed by sparklers and fireworks!

The following day, my husband and took the 4-wheel drive and went on a drive for the day. If I thought that the road to Cow Creek was bad, that was like a 4-lane super highway compared to this road that was not even a road, more like a path with clifs on either side. I was in tears by the time we reached the top. The top was the top of the mountains, well above 10,000 feet elivation and there was snow! We stopped at this little ski lodge for lunch and then headed back to the ranch for more food, fireworks and family!

On Sunday, I got up really early to watch the sun come up over the mountains! I was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever witnessed. Later in the day, my mother-in-law and I drove back home, stopping in Santa Fe for some shopping. I wanted to find some tourist-y items for a few people and something for my nephew. Upon getting back to ABQ, we met up with all the brothers and went to this little family owned mexican place that I am actually drooling about just typing this! It was SO good!

Everyone had been staying up late and getting up early during the whole visit, so everyone pretty much fell into a heap in front the TV and we were all asleep by 10pm! We had to get up about 6am to get ready to fly home, so it was a good thing. As it was, I slept on and off during each flight and each layover. I just could not seem to become fully awake (as fall fully asleep either). It was not a whole lot of fun!
I am still fighting a bit of jet lag this week. It is only a two hour time difference, but it is enough to throw me off.

BTW: I started my period while on vacation. I was happy to start, because I had been feeling really bloated and concerned that this was the start of some fertility issues or something. But it did kind of suck to have to deal with that during vacation!

OK! A few more pictures!

The scenic drive to Chacon, New Mexico

Laugh losing at Chess

Rain in ABQ

Husband and I at El Pinto

A Road Runner - The state bird of New Mexcio

I am glad to be home, but sorry that the only vacation that I have planned for this year is already over :(


  1. It's often a bit of a letdown when you get back home, Smug, but still, it's nice to be home too. I've not been out of NM in nearly 30 years--I bet lots of the state hasn't changed a bit.

  2. I was less than 2 years old 30 years ago, so I could not tell you what has changed. It sounds like you are ready for a re-visit!!

  3. So, darlin, which one is Cheese...would that be the baby bro??? That certainly suits him!

    Glad you are back...I have to crack the whip on you now...much to little time!!!

  4. husband is the oldest, Laugh is the next in line, then comes Tech and finally Cheese!

  5. loved the pics and i'm so glad that the inlaws are so bad ass!