Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vacation - Excited!

So, I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited about today being the last day of both work and school for the rest of the week, the weekend, and Monday of next week! OK, so it is not really that long of a time, but I am going to enjoy every second of it. I am already enjoying it! I have been whistling through my work all day today, wrapping things up and completing anything that I can manage to get done before I leave. The day has been flying by and I will be leaving here in less than 2 hours! I have a cake evening of class, as it is the final night. We have already taken the exam, tonight will be going over the exam (to earn 1/2 credit on anything missed), a few short presentations and then the whole group is going to dinner. I would really rather skip the dinner and get home and finish packing, but the dinner is part of the participation grade, so whatever... *

Tonight, I need to finish packing, color my hair and shave my legs (I have been putting this off, hoping that one shaving will be enough for the whole trip). We need to take the trash cans down to the road, empty a few things out of the fridge, make sure that the house is straighted up, turn off the air conditioning, and make sure that the kitchen will not attract a family of ants or anything else while we are gone!

I have set the alarm in the morning for 3:30am, this will allow us an hour and 15 minutes to get showered, complete any last minute packing, eat a quick bite and then my dad is taking us to the airport.**

The plan is not to eat much tonight, or in the morning so that we are good and starving by the time we land. We plan to have breakfast/lunch at this place called the Frontier! I am drooling and slobbering all over my desk just thinking about the breakfast burrito and the amazing sticky bun!! The last time we were there we ran into the New Mexico Governor (Bill Richardson, who had his name in the hat for democratic presidential candidate at one point this year). My husband went over and introduced himself and told Mr. Richardson that we worked for Orvis. Mr. Richardson got really excited and told my husband that he loved Orvis pants. He proceeded to turn the waist of his pants inside out to show Smug-Hub that they were is Orvis pants. It was funny!

We will spend a few days in Albuquerque and then head up to the family ranch. I have not been to the ranch, but the family tells me that I will totally love it! My brother's in-law have been teasing me with antiquing, but since I am a normally early riser I am not too worried!

It has been a lot of years since I have been on vacation. I think that it was 2001 when the boyfriend of the time and I went to Florida for a long weekend, but since then the only time I have had off work (besides the occasional Friday) was for the wedding almost a year ago and that was not exactly stress free! I hope that the next time I post, you will see a totally relaxed, totally mellow Smug!!

* I finally called the student advisor and discussed this whole class/whole program idea with her. She had some really good ideas that will maybe improve this next class, which is with another rotten instructor. She also filled me in on the way that the end of course surveys work, and the instructor does not really see my comments, so retaliation should not be an issue. I made several suggestions as to how this current instructor as well as the whole MBA program could serve the students better. She was receptive and I left the phone call feeling positive about it.

** My husband and I had breakfast this weekend with my dad and his wife. When she asked how we were getting to the airport and I told her that we were taking a cab, she volunteered my dad to take us. There was a lot of "no, that's OK, it's really early, a cab will be fine" talk on my part and a lot of "it's no problem, he's often up that early, he can just go into work a bit early" stuff from her. It was not until about the third time I declined, that dad got into the conversation and said that he wanted to take us - like he had a choice at that point! I feel really badly about making him get up so early and I am going to call him in a few minutes and try to give him an out!

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  1. Smuggy....have a super awesome time--you deserve it! Eat plenty of yummer food prepared by Veronica, shop til you drop & girlfriend--take tons of pics please!!