Friday, July 25, 2008


I think that I may be regressing into childhood. I have two examples to tell you about and then you tell me!

Harry Potter:
I have been reading Harry Potter since the first book came out, own all the books, own most of the books on CD and own all the movies. Well, I am finally getting around to listening to the last book (book 7) on CD. I am actually hanging out in my car in the garage to listen to it! I am driving along, listening to the book, and totally forget where I was going and end up driving in completely the wrong direction for miles and miles! I even had Harry Potter dreams last night!

Harry is growing up, and while he can still be immature and irritating at times, he is an authentic teenager with insecurities and girl issues. The book is very intense and most certainly not for little children! I would say that I am about 3/4 finished and I can't wait to see how it is all wrapped up. I was supposed to stay home all day to have this big deep resting day, but I went out driving twice, just to listen to the book more!

Hannah Montana:
During my self imposed day of relaxation today, I have found myself watching several episodes of Hannah Montana on the Disney channel! I am actually a bit nervous to admit this to you people, but I am committed now!

It is a kid's show, full of the usual morals and kid hijinks's, but Miley Cyrus is actually quite talented, with good comedic timing. I have found myself laughing out loud at times. Her singing voice is incredible and I realized that I really like a few of the songs! (insert cringe here). Billy Ray Cyrus is also pretty good, not as good as his daughter, but good! The other supporting cast members are all also very funny and I laugh my ass off!

So, what do you think? Am I so ready to have children of my own that I am already getting used to having kids shows on the TV all the time and kids programing on car radio? Or, am I soooo not ready to have kids as demonstrated by my obvious regression into my own second childhood?


  1. Wouldn't it have been easier to just listen to the Potter CD at home, Smug?

  2. I soooo can relate to driving aimlessly to finish a book on cd. I have been revisiting Natural Born Charmer.....

  3. Utenzi! That would have been just too easy!!

  4. Hey Smug-Mama! Don't feel bad about yourself - I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to the Harry Potter books myself!! I own them all, have read the last 4 on the nights they were released, and have all of the books on CD. The movies don't really "float my boat" since they skew so much from the original story. But I just wanted to let you know that you aren't regressing back into childhood because of this. There's a whole bunch of us here at work that are addicted to it too. LOL. I've listened to them so much here at work that I practically know them all by heart!!! YAY!! Another HP fan!!