Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skinny Bitch

I have been reading this book, Skinny Bitch and it is a wonderful, easy to read, kick you in the ass for being stupid kind of book. They have also created Skinny Bitch in the Kitch and Skinny Bitch, Bun in the Oven (which is not quite available). I got both the original book and the cookbook for about $4.00 on Amazon Marketplace.

This is a book about the honest truth about the food that we put into our bodies. None of this information is new to me, I have known most of these things my whole life, but I have chosen to ignore them.

Did you know that the USDA is made up of people from the various meat and dairy industries? The people in charge of making sure that the meat and dairy we consume is safe, are also the same people making their living selling us that meat and dairy - hello? Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture??

Did you know that those same USDA people are also responsible for setting the nutritional guidelines for us and more importantly for our children? So the same people saying that we should be getting 3 glasses of milk every day are the same people selling milk - again, conflict of interest much?

Did you know that cow's milk, by design, grows a 90 pound calf into a 2,000 pound cow over the course of two years? Just think what milk is doing to us. In the "olden" days, cows produced milk to feed their young and it was used sparingly by humans. It did not have antibiotics, hormones and all the other crap that milk producers put into both milk and into the cows to keep them producing milk unnaturally. Why do you think we have nine-year old girls starting their periods and growing breasts?

Everyone knows about the horrors of factory farming, like egg producers have to add yellow die to eggs, because in natural conditions, the sun will color an eggs yolk. But, since factory farmed chickens never see the light of day, they yolks have no color! The massively in-humane conditions for all the animals developed for slaughter and brought about the need for huge amounts of antibiotics and other chemicals to be added to the meat, and you are going to put all this crap into your body and use it to fuel the only body you will ever have!

If your body is designed to be perfect, which it is, then if the fuel that you use to power your body is crap, you are going to have problems - weight issues, headaches, depression, you name it! You were born with a body that is capable (with a few exceptions, like birth defects and the like) of carrying your through life in perfect condition.

If you don't change the oil in your car or don't put gas in it, it will cease to run. The body is the same way, if you don't give it the fuel it needs, it will stop working properly. The only problem, you can get a new car, you can't get a new body.

All this is easier said followed through on. There is all this yummy food out there and to cut it out of your life completely is really hard. But, I have found myself looking twice at my food now, I see something from a restaurant and wonder about what's in it. So, I plan to start small - only good foods the whole week and then from Friday night-Sunday night have whatever you like. Start going to the farmer's market and getting local foods whenever possible. Organic will become the regular and stop eating dairy! I have had an allergy to dairy my whole life, but I love cheese so much, that I have gotten used to the stomach pains that go along with eating it - no more!

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