Friday, August 1, 2008

The Return of Ice Cream

So, I have been eating totally vegan this week and really loving it! I have been feeling really good about myself and everything. What really helped put this all into perspective was that I accidentally had dairy at lunch today. I went to have Thai with the girls, since it will most likely be the last time for us since everyone is moving away, but I digress! I ordered the tofu with red curry, which is made with coconut milk, but I did not realize that it also contained heavy cream.

My mood almost immediately changed and I started having really bad cravings. I could not stay away from ice cream and thus ate a good helping and then starting having stomach pains within minutes. I became very sleepy, something I had not realized that I had felt all week long. I became cranky and spent a good amount of time snapping at my husband.

I am not attributing all this to the dairy, just 99% of it. I also realized that I should have been having bad PMS this week as I am due this weekend, but it has been fairly light, until today. So, I know that PMS is part of the issue, but I think that both the dairy and my unhappiness with myself for not resisting the ice cream is the main cause.

I did receive my cookbook in the mail today and picked out a couple of recipes to try this upcoming week. I think that I will try to stay vegan as much as possible without getting nut-so about it. There is still a lot that I am not ready to say good-bye to forever, but I like the way that I have been feeling the majority of this week and hate how poorly I feel today!