Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Month Passes & Motherhood Still Alludes Me

Well, what I was hoping were strange pregnancy symptoms turns out to have just been PMS. So, I did not do too well on my plan to eat vegan this week. I am slightly bummed about that, but much more bummed to not be pregnant again this month. This makes 6 months of trying and I called the doctor to see if they would just test us for fertility issues now rather than waiting until we have been trying a year - they wouldn't.

If we try for a year and then get tested and find out that there has been a problem from the get go, I am going to be pissed! Oh, well... nothing I can do, but keep trying! At least my husband is seeming more on board with both the baby thing and the finding time to just love me thing!

So, what happened this week....

I have a friend whose heart has been broken in just a horrible way. She is feeling humiliated and is full of self (and world) loathing. However, she is one of the strongest people I have ever met, she has overcome some of the worst things life can throw at you and she always rises above and comes out on top. This has really knocked her over, but I have faith that she will do as she always does and make lemon martini's from all these lemons!

I have thrown a fit in the general direction of my school study team. They have once again not done anything toward the teams 2 projects and then gone and ignored my attempts to pull everything together. It has, once again, fallen 100% to me to get everything together. I have one guy who has been helping me, but even he needs to be prodded and reminded daily.

I also had to complete my individual projects, three different papers for the class that is going to China in October (oh, yeah, the instructor changed the syllabus to reflect the due date of 8/15 on 8/5 - 10 days to ready 12 chapters and write 3 papers!!).

I am happy to report that all my individual stuff is complete for this class, the 3 China papers are complete and turned in (yes, I totally BS'd my way through those), the team service project is under way and the team presentation is as far along as it can be without the input of the other members. I gave them all until noon today to get it turned in to me (it is currently 1:04pm). I am not going to worry about this over the weekend. I will yell at them some more at class on Monday.

My darling husband has been using the CPAP machine almost a week now and it is really helping for the most part. He is still getting used to it and sometimes pulls it off in his sleep. We are both sleeping better, but not really starting to feel a reduction in the deprivation yet. I think that it is going to take time to recoup all those losses.

We are having dinner with some friends tonight and tomorrow we are going to try to get all the remaining materials to finish the bathroom as well as house cleaning, laundry, food shopping, all the normal weekend stuff. We hope to start laying tile on Sunday. I would really like to get this bathroom finished before the end of the month. I doubt that this will happen because my husband is going to be out of town on business next weekend and then we have a thing to do all weekend the next weekend for work. Maybe we can finish it up over the labor day weekend!

I really want to get all these little projects finished before his family comes to visit for Christmas! I want to have all the boxes unpacked, all the stuff out of mom's attic, all the storage stuff stored!

OK, I have to get back to work and knock out a few things before heading off on a wonderful, free to do only our own stuff, weekend!

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  1. well i can most def relate to you and the getting pregnant struggles yall are having. are you using ovulation prediction tests? those were a lifesaver for me because i could pinpoint when i was going to ovulate!