Friday, August 15, 2008

Other Blog Thoughts

I was reading the Bloggess's guest blog at Her Bad Mother which talked about her fear of finding dead bodies in public restrooms, which is really really funny, but it got me thinking about my irrational fear, because, I do have one that is pretty odd.

I am afraid of snakes, this is no surprise as a I know a lot of people are afraid of snakes, but my fear goes beyond the normal I think. I can't watch snakes on TV or I will have bad, snake related dreams that night. And, here's the biggie, I will not use the bathroom in the dark for the fear that there will be a snake in the toilet. Sometimes I try to push myself to overcome my fear by peeing in the dark, and manage to get the job done, but am always freaked out and pee fast, wipe faster and jump up and dance around to get away from the snake I just know is there trying to bite my butt.

OK, I know that the chances of a snake getting into my toilet is very rare, but it does happen to people sometimes, and I am very frightened about it.

There has been some ongoing drama at a couple of the blogs that I read, Dirty Uncle Mark recently witnessed a dog die from heat stroke, he blogged about the experience, what he had done to try to save the dog and how the whole thing made him feel. His post generated a lot of comments from people of all walks wishing him well and talking about how the owners of the poor dead dog really sucked ass for tying the poor thing up in the heat and leaving for the day. Marnie was the most vocal and I gather she knows the dogs owner personally. This outpouring of comments reached the ears (eyes?) of the owner who then posted her own response to Mark's post and all the comments. She was very quick to make excuses about why what happened to her dog was not her fault, and very quick to hurl insults at Mark.

Mark posted this response which set off another barrage of comments - Marine pointed out that Mark should not be held responsible for the comments of others, including herself and provided the owner an e-mail address, so they could correspond directly.

All this got me thinking about neighbors - we generally don't get to pick our neighbors and since most of them are here to stay, it's not a nasty co-worker who will eventually get sacked, people sometimes stay in their same house for decades. Mark is going to have to deal with this person next door for the foreseeable future and there are going to be hard feelings. Even though Mark did not say one bad thing about the owner, she is going to hold a grudge for the simple fact that she seems unable to accept responsibility for her actions. Somehow this will be his fault and his problem.

We currently have decent relationships with all 6 of our neighbors. The two of either side of us are extremely great, and while I don't know the other 3 that well, they all seem nice - with the exception of one. The husband and wife are retired and I think that they did not get on well with the people who used to live in our house and it seems that the husband especially wants to dislike us just because he disliked them.

I make an effort to say hello when I see him, wave when I pass him in the car, and be very respectful to him over the phone. It doesn't seem to be working - perhaps he is just not an overly friendly person. I know that the woman who lived in our house before was kind of a pain. She apparently did a lot of partying and came home late at night a lot, she also once parked in his yard because she could not get up the hill in the snow. When he asked her to ask first next time, she told him to "fuck off" - I never met this women, and I don't think that I like the sound of her, but I am not into the party thing and I haven't yet needed to park in his yard, so I can't figure out why he would have any reason to dislike me.

Point being... I guess I don't really have a point. I just feel sorry for what Mark has to deal with now. One neighbor should not be held responsible for the actions of others I guess.

Another blog that I read daily (sometimes more than once a day) is Becky. She is a wife and mother, and is currently pregnant with her second child. She is lots of fun to read, because she uses her blog like I use mine, to get things off her chest. She recently got a comment from someone (who was too much of a coward to leave their name) that was very hurtful and judgemental. She addressed this "dill hole" on a post which generated another anonymous comment from some crazy Smug-Hubtian freak who admonished Becky for cussing, and how this use of bad language might make her a bad Smug-Hubtian and bad mother.

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about the "Smug-Hubtians" (not normal people who chose to follow the path of love, and peace that Jesus taught, I am talking about those hypocrites who judge everyone else but don't judge themselves). The whole point of blogging, in my mind, is to get out all the feelings and thoughts that you may or may not feel like you can get out otherwise.

I know that some of these "Smug-Hubtians" feel it is their duty to make judgements about others and try to "correct" someones immoral behavior, but the way I see it, only God can judge. Most of the religions that I have been exposed to believe that God (or whatever name you see fit) is all knowing and all seeing, thus God knows what is going on on a person's heart and mind. No one letting off steam needs to hear that they are a bad mother because of a few choice cuss words.

As I told Becky, sometimes "fuck" is the only word that works!!

Blog and let Blog I say!!


  1. The house I grew up in had a septic tank and so snakes totally could come up through the pipes. A plumber friend of mine though said that in today's pipes it's not really possible. I think my husband paid him to say that so I wouldn't turn the light on in the bathroom in the middle of the night and wake him up.

  2. man i love this post. and i love you. YOU ROCK. lol. thank you SO effing much:)