Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Two Week Wait

In an update to my last post, by the time my husband came home I was missing his terribly. I was feeling really bad about being glad he was gone and was really happy to have him in my arms as soon as the plane landed. He got home on his birthday, so I gave him some gifts and took him to dinner and really gushed over him since he had spent most of his birthday on planes and in airports. It was really nice.

It just so happened that the timing was optimal for baby making the same day he returned and since we were so happy to see each other, I am now hoping that we are pregnant! This is the first month when the timing was this dead on, so I am cautiously optimistic. Of course, I have to wait a few weeks before I can even test, and I am on the lookout for any "symptoms" that might help me know as soon as possible.

Smug-Hub told me the other day that he feels almost fully grown up. He just needs to be a father and then he thinks that he will be all grown up. This is his way of letting me know that he is totally on board and hoping that we will be pregnant soon too.

I am feeling really good about this! I really feel like all the cards are stacked in our favor this month. I am just so ready to have the pregnancy experience and finally be the mother that I have been wanting to become for so many years.


  1. omg the dreaded two week wait! i feel for you. keep us posted! or email me! lol i'll be dying to know!

  2. you know, i heard a news story the other day that said when a man is away from his wife/significant other for several days, his "potency" goes it does kind of make sense that the 24th would be the day....scientifically speaking.

    isn't it funny that while you are running around, trying to get pregnant, i am running around, trying NOT to get pregnant! LOL it's funny how you do a 180 when you get least, that's how i am!

    my brain doesn't even comprehend the whole "get pregnant on purpose" concept! LOL