Sunday, September 7, 2008

Giving Thanks

Today, I woke up and had to pee about 6:15am. I knew that if I was going to take the pregnancy test today I had to take it then. I was feeling a little nervous about testing since I tested about 10 days past ovulation and got a negative. I debated with myself for a few minutes and then just decided to test.

The control line appeared immediately and then as I tried not to look, this very faint, thin second line began to appear. I thought that I was imagining it, I waited a few more minutes, looking at myself in the mirror and trying to think good thoughts without getting my hopes too high. As the faint line got a bit darker, I became aware that the directions said that even if there was a faint line that meant a positive!

After jumping up and down a bit, I went tearing into the bedroom yelling "Honey, Honey - I'm Pregnant!!" Smug-Hub was sleeping with his CPAP machine on his face, but he woke up and resembled a turtle on its back, we was flailing his arms and legs trying to get the face mask off and sit up at the same time! "Really"? he said. "Let me see the test" After we looked at the test for a while and hugged a lot and held each other and called each other "mom" and "dad" we decided that we needed to take a picture of the test and e-mail it to Smug-Sister. Then we thought that I should run to the store and get more tests, just to make sure that we had not gotten a false positive.

When I was leaving for the store, I texted Smug-Sister and told her to check her e-mail. She called me a few minutes later, she yelled "I see two lines, do I see two lines?" I tested 2 more times getting a positive each time! So , I then called my oldest friend Jen in Chicago and woke her up with the news!

I went over to see Smug-Sister and she had pulled out all her pregnancy books and maternity clothes for me! She did a bit of talking to the belly and being happy about being an aunt!

We called Smug-Hub's mother telling her that she needed to be sure to come here for Christmas since she was a grandmother now - it totally went past her the first time and he had to repeat it, but then she screamed and yelled and was totally excited!

We told my mom that Smug-Hub had gotten her something for her birthday, which is tomorrow, but I thought that he needed to run it by her before tomorrow. So she totally thought that it was going to be a puppy for something embarrassing. She was sitting on the porch when we pulled up and Smug-Hub handed her the little bag containing the positive pregnancy test. She looked confused for a few seconds until it registered in her head what she was looking at. Then she burst into tears which caused both Smug-Hub and I to cry also. She hugged us both and did some talking to my stomach. Her neighbor heard all the commotion, so mom yelled the news to her and she came running over to hug and congratulate us.

After that he went to Dad and Smug-StepMom's, they had food ready for us and when we all sat down, Smug-Hub handed me his phone. I told them that we had a really cool picture on his phone that they should both see. Smug-StepMom stood behind dad and looked over his shoulder. Again, it did not click right away, then dad's face broke into a big grin and he kept saying "Really? Really"? Smug-StepMom started crying!

We then had to call a few aunts, my grandparents and my brother! I was saving it to tell Sassy tonight when she came over, but then she needed to cancel, so I told her over the phone. I could totally hear the happy dance over the phone!

Smug-Hub is currently at Dad's watching the Cowboy's football game and I came home to bake the cake for mom's birthday and to record the events of today on this blog!

I would like to give a special thanks for Becky, for giving me the advice on which test to use - cause today would not have been so special without the right, early response test that she suggested! Thank you Becky!


  1. Congratulations! I know how badly you have been wanting this. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. omg congrats i'm SO SO excited for you. i know EXACTLY how you feel right now. POST THE TEST! i'm a freak like that! or email it to me if you don't wanna post it LOL

    you are gonna LOVE this ride. promise:)