Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Morning Sickness = Good Thing!

We had a really bad scare yesterday. I woke up bleeding, not a lot, but enough to cause us to panic. We went to the doctor and unfortunately since I am only 5 weeks along, they can't really do anything. They took some blood and will take more tomorrow, they will compare the hormone levels to determine if things seem like they are progressing normally. My doctor told me that while it is not the norm to have some bleeding and cramping early in pregnancy, it is not all that uncommon either. She did not try to give us false hope, but did explain that my still having morning sickness was a good sign.

I talked to a couple of people and everyone seems to know someone who had something like this and turned out to have a totally normal pregnancy. I also had a long talk with God and finally decided that worrying and stressing about this was not going to be good for the baby, and that worrying and stressing would not do any good anyway. I told God that it was in his hands and I would trust that he knows what is best for Smug-Hub and I and this baby.

This morning most of the cramping had stopped and while there is still some bleeding, I believe it is less than yesterday. I am also having the most horrible morning sickness (at least to me) ever! These are all good signs that things are still ok. We won't know about the blood work until Thursday and won't be able to have an ultrasound until the end of next week, but we have decided to think positively until we know something otherwise. I would think that if I were having a miscarriage I would be bleeding a lot and having really bad cramps and no morning sickness, so I have faith that everything is fine.

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