Friday, September 12, 2008

Morning Sickness or Normal Reaction to Big News??

I think that I am actually having mild morning sickness. I wake up feeling OK, but then start to feel bad soon after getting up. My head aches, I feel tired and achy all over, slightly sick to my stomach with waves of feeling like I might throw up, but they pass quickly. I feel this way until about noon, when I have had a few things to eat. One day it was OJ and yogurt, another day it was granola and yogurt and today was Kashi with soy milk. Once I get several things on my stomach and I get fully woken up for the day and I start focusing on what I have to get accomplished instead of analyzing every "symptom" I feel fine.

Now, since I am normally prone to an upset stomach for every little reason, is this news of being pregnant (which is like, the biggest news of my life) causing these little bouts of upset? Or, is this morning sickness?

Since I am feeling 100% wonderful right now (with the exception of this little cough that won't go away) I am thinking that morning sickness would be the cause. My reasoning is this; I am still as bowled over by the news that I am carrying new life now as I was this morning. I am still getting people's advice, questions and horror stories (BTW on that... WTF? Why would a newly pregnant person want to hear about miscarriages, horrific birth's, birth defects, and arrogant doctors??). So, I really think that morning sickness has to be the cause.

So, hooray!! I am having normal symptoms!!

This actually does make me feel better!

Now, I am off to the Greek Festival! We were planning on going tomorrow for lunch, but then we got to thinking, why? We have to eat both dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, so why not just go to both??

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  1. Hi! Just found your site via Virginia Belle. I like the layout! Tee hee.

    Congrats on being with child!