Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's 4am and I Must be Nauseous

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I awoke at what is becoming my usual time of 4 am feeling rather like I would enjoy puking my guts up. I went to the bathroom and then pulled out the sparkling water and crackers. After a bit I started feeling better and even had some soy yogurt. I showered and got ready for work and about that time I felt like I needed to go back to sleep...

I laid down until Smug-Hub was ready to leave, and the drive to work was nice. I felt like I was in a very good mood and feeling fine. Once I got to work, I thought that I should have my cereal before I got too hungry, but I only got about half of it down, before I started feeling like hurling would again be a good idea. I am currently sipping on some Ginger Ale and hoping that I will feel up to making the morning meeting. I am not even thinking about the fact that I have the make it through several more hours, and then head straight to class for 3 hours tonight!!

Our hand has been forced. We have to tell people at work today. Mom told Ben (Ben has been a friend of our family for about 20+ years), Ben is friends with M. (M. is a friend of mine who up until recently worked with me) I called M. to tell him before Ben told him and to ask him not to tell anyone here at the office as we did not want to start telling anyone yet. M. then tells T. (an evil bitch who hates me and who no longer works for my company). T. then called up C.(someone here at work, who has a tendency to spill others secrets). C. tells me yesterday that she knows.

There are people here at the office that will be offended if they hear it from someone else, and since I feel like it is going to get out sooner rather than later (especially, if people keep seeing my pale face rushing to the restroom). So we are going to put together an e-mail and just get it out there and let the chips fall where they may.

I am not mad at M., I know that this is big news and it is hard to keep it to oneself, but I am hurt that he 1) could not even wait a whole day, and 2) he chose to tell the one person who would do everything in her power to ruin it for me. I know that his thinking was that she doesn't work here anymore, who would she tell, and she hates me, so why would she bother. This just isn't the case. She told C. because she knows that C. can't help but spill the beans.

OK, it is just about time for the morning meeting - do I take the Ginger Ale with me or leave it in my office and hope for the best?

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  1. i already barf all the time now! i will be SOL when i get pregnant!

    ugh. hope, grow out of it, if that makes any sense!