Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I Am Not Proud Of...

1) I did not go to the gym even once this week.
We committed to going to the gym on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. This week on Monday, Smug-Hub and I were pissed at each other and skipped the gym to come home and talk about the fight and work it out - important right? Good reason right? Tuesday I had class, Wednesday we had to go pick up the shelving units for the garage from Sears and that took forever. When we finally got them loaded we were hungry for dinner and we wanted to get home and start getting them set up. Thursday I had a study group meeting. Friday I had a Pampered Chef party to go to. That is the whole week and I have not worked out once.

2) I ate until I was in pain and felt sick and then I are some more.
So, in addition to not making it to the gym, I ate like the pig that I am yesterday. We had to go downtown to the court house and have Smug-Hub's name changed on our marriage licence (the licence says "Smug-Hub" and his birth certificate says "Smug-Hubtopher" - they have to match for identity verification, which is another story). So, while we were downtown, we decided to get a bite at Burger in the Square, mine was a sandwich filled with 3 cheeses and grilled mushrooms, peppers and onions - very cheesy, very greasy! Then we noticed that the pizza place is going out of business and decided that we needed to eat some pizza before it was to late, so we each had a huge slice of pizza. By the time we headed back to the car we were both feeling full and slightly sick. On the way back to the office we pulled into Dairy Queen and got blizzards - because we weren't feeling enough like we wanted to hurl! To add to that, Elaine hosted a Pampered Chef party, so even though I was still full from lunch, I ate everything there too.

3) I am spending too much money.
I have been talking a big game about Suze's plan for becoming financially independent, but I am a failure in my attempts to walk the talk. I am an instant gratification person, if I see something that I want I get it and deal with the consequences later. Two examples: first, I spent $200 at the Pampered Chef party last night! Smug-Hub has been really wanted to get a roasting pan, and I want the one that we get to be really high quality, so I ended up getting, in addition to a few other things, the one from PC that cost $145!! Second, I wanted to get the stuff from the pregnancy/conception site and they offer free shipping, but that shipping method takes up to 2 weeks to receive, I paid for the overnight shipping, which was more than the product cost, so that I could have it in time for this months ovulation.

4) I get angry with my husband for stupid reasons
He has been in Virginia for the better part of 7 years, and has still yet to get a VA drivers licence. For the longest time, he wasn't planning on being in VA long, but since last year, I have been really pushing. He found out that his New Mexico licence had expired, so he had some huge thing to deal with (not to mention quite a few dollars) to get that worked out with NM. It seems that he had a ticket for a missing tail light in NM, during a time when he was living here. Anyway, after we got all that worked out he sort of dropped it. Then while he was driving we were stopped at a police check point and he was ticketed for not having a valid licence (since the NM licence was expired and he has been in VA forever). So I have been pushing again for him to go to the DMV and get a VA licence before we have to go to court. He keeps putting it off, because it means taking time off work. He finally went out there on Wednesday and they wouldn't validate his identity since the marriage licence doesn't match his birth certificate. So it was wanted miles on the car, wasted gas and wasted time off. That is why we had to change the marriage licence yesterday. I also got pissed at him on Monday because he got irritated that I was teasing him about not having a licence, he got mad that I was mad and a fight was initiated - fun stuff.

Today is Saturday and I have about 4,000 things to do, but I AM going to the gym today!!

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  1. I agree with you, Smug. 7 years is a long time to live in a place without getting a driver's license.