Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling the Baby

I think that I have been feeling the baby move. I feel little tingles, or popping sensations and sometimes even a bump like feeling, but nothing hard enough or consistent enough to really make me sure that it is the baby that I am feeling.

I was telling someone last night that I never gave my stomach or any of the feelings within my stomach much notice before I was pregnant, so I am not totally sure that I am distinguishing the baby from normal stomach stuff. I think that I will choose to believe that it is my child :)

Last night, I was laying in my husbands arms talking for a few minutes before I fell asleep and he was talking about my work issues and plans for our future when the baby started moving around a lot, more noticeable and more constant. My belly was pressed against his side and I got the feeling that the baby was reacting to his voice. When I told him that the baby was moving now that he was talking, he got so excited and said "let me keep talking" then he promptly could not think of anything to say. It was a nice moment.

I am almost finished with my book on Hypno Birthing and I am looking forward to the classes next month. I have a feeling that I am again on the cusp of great things. We are going to find out the sex next week and I am going to start feeling the baby move more and more. Then we have the childbirth classes and this is all going to start feeling more real than it does now.

I am so looking forward to my future! I don't care about the work pressures of yesterday, everything is going to work out fine and I am going to be successful and happy no matter what!!

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  1. awww how exciting. man i miss being pregnant. already! and yes you WILL be successful!