Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pink, Pink and More Pink

I was watching TV and folding laundry yesterday when there came a knock on my door. I was not expecting anyone, so I headed down and opened the door. There on the porch were my next door neighbors (The wife and two girls, the husband was not with them). The mom, Jen was holding the biggest gift bag you can buy, holding in both arms it was so big and heavy!

Once inside, I started digging into the gift bag and found an endless supply of cute baby girl clothes! There are two pairs of baby jeans, one with pink ruffle at the pockets and at the ankles and the other with scroll designs in pink down the legs. There is another pair of pants in a soft gray corduroy with corduroy ruffles at the pockets. There are several long sleeve onesies, one that says "My heart belongs to daddy", another that says "If you think I'm cute, you're right", another that just says "Princess" and other plain pink. There is also a pink jumper in corduroy with scroll designs in all kinds of colors, brown, green and more pink. There are several pairs of pink and white socks, along with a box of 440 baby wipes, a package of newborn diapers, two bibs (one says I love Mommy and the other I love Daddy) and a pink memory keepsake book.

I can't believe their generosity! They just moved into the house next door about 4 months ago, and while we have been friendly and had several on-the-way-into-the-house conversations, we have not yet become fast friends or anything. I am sure that my being sick and spending the summer locked in the air conditioned house not moving has had something to do with that!

Jen told me that they are going to start the process to adopt another baby as she is unable to have any more children. She told me how excited she is to be able to look at and purchase baby girl stuff again (her youngest is 5 years old). I am just so happy and grateful to have such nice neighbors!

Apparently, Smug-Hub has been bonding with her husband, Neil also. Jen told me that Neil is planning on helping Smug-Hub hang the new storm door this weekend! I have been wanting the door hung, so we can open the door and just have the screen there to project against bugs, but let in a nice breeze. Now that the fall weather is here, this will be all the more sweet!

I have decided that I can't wait any longer for Smug-Hub to get the projects done. I have to move ahead with my projects for getting the office area and guest room areas cleaned up, organized and usable. I also have to get the rest of the crap out of Smug-Baby's room and get that room painted and ready for decorating.

I figure if he gets around to getting the painting and shelving down in the big room (office/guest room) we will just move stuff out of the way. I can't wait until the last minute to get this stuff done. The office has to be done and usable before the baby comes, as I am smart enough to know that nothing is going to get done for a long time after the baby comes! Same with the nursery!

We are going next weekend to my aunt's house to pick up boxes and boxes of baby stuff that my cousin has been saving for me, so we are going to be short on room in the baby's room after that! I would love to get that room painted this weekend, but I don't think that I can do it myself (fumes and toxins and what not), and I don't want to distract Smug-Hub from the bathroom, shelving and storm door projects. I guess I should do some research on paint and if there is some brand that is safe for pregnant women to use.

I am also planning on getting the office organized this weekend. It is a very big job, but I think that I can get it done with some concentrated effort. This will be such a load off my mind to be able to file all the paperwork, shred all the bills, find my birthday's book (I have missed several birthday's since they are all recorded in that book and I CAN'T FIND IT!!!! Not to mention, if we do need to clear the room for painting and such, it will be much easier to move filed paperwork than loose paperwork. I will just have to repack in boxes the books and CD's that I have unpacked over the last 18 months and get them back in the garage until the shelving is built, whenever that is.

Anyway, it is nice to have a plan of action for myself that is not contingent on my darling husband!


  1. hey i'm all for pink! i love it. i'm surrounded by it and i love it!

  2. that is awesome and how nice of her!!!!!! your neighbors sound awesome!