Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Longest Week EVER

It is Wednesday. It is noon on Wednesday. I have most of Wednesday left. I have all of Thursday left. I have all day Friday until 3pm left. I have the whole doctor visit left. I have the drive to the special place left. I may not make it!

On Friday afternoon we will have the detailed ultrasound that will tell us if we are having a boy or a girl. At first I was so convinced that I wanted to wait to find out the sex until birth, but since the hubby really wanted to find out, I agreed (I figure he gets very little say in most of this pregnancy and birth). Now, I am so excited to find out that my head might actually explode. Which would be bad because most of my senses are located in my head and if it exploded I would have a hard time seeing or hearing the results!

We decided to have the technician put the results in an envelope along with any pictures and seal it. Then after the appointment, we will drive up the the Star (A huge star on the biggest mountain over looking my whole city. It is lit up with white and red lights and was (once) the largest man made star in the US - I actually have no idea if that title still holds). It is a very nice place for a special revealing. There is actually a web cam up there, so we are going to tell his family to tune in about 4:45 EST that day and we will be up there and have a sign to tell them the news!

We are going to head up to the star with a bottle of sparkling grape juice and open the envelope together, just us. After we know and celebrate with each other for a bit. We will head home and get ready to have the family over at 6 for dinner.

We are planning on taking my nephew aside and tell him, then my husband will hold him up and he can make the actual announcement to the family. What do you think? I have been toying with the idea of making everyone take bets and whoever is right gets a piece of chocolate or something - dumb?

Did I mention that I am excited??

I did find that Smitten Kitchen has had her baby! He is so adorable that I can hardly stand it! I can't believe that I will be holding someone just as precious and sweet and delicious

On a side note, two of the blogs that I read most days and feel like I have become part of their lives, have been having it rough. Virginia Belle just broke up with her fiance and must be hurting deeply, while Becks has been dealing with her own issues that have her down. I feel so badly that I am unable to help less their pain, while feeling a bit guilty about being so excited and happy when others I care about are feeling down. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys and I hope that things will begin looking up for you both very soon!


  1. hi! I"m a lurker but also read VB's blog, but can't sign in! when did see her post?
    Also apparently can't sign in to use my name to comment-Kari

  2. I also can't get logged in! Grrrrr.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea! I too have toyed with the idea of waiting until birth to find out the sex (when we get preggers, of course!). But also had some friends do something as similar to yours. I can't wait to find out what you are having.

    On another note, I too am sad for VB. I pray she is doing okay.

  4. omg VB broke up with CN?! i haven't read her blog in a couple weeks. i just got chills. i gotta go check her out.

    and thank you for being so sweet :) you are awesome.

    i can't wait to find out what you're having. i'm so glad you're gonna find out or else i'd die of anticipation. you ARE gonna tell us, right?

  5. sheesh I'm so insensitive! I forgot to say that I thought your idea was adorable! That sounds like an awesome place in your town.