Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So Much to Watch, So Little Space on the DVR

So, this weeks starts the premieres of all the new seasons of all the shows that I love! I have worked out a schedule of watching in the bedroom (which sucks a bit cause I can't fast forward the ads), recording on the DVR and leaving the TV open at times for the hubs to watch Fox News (yeecch) and sports cause I am a good wife that way!

Monday night is going to be the only night so far that is going to cause us issues. Monday night football is very important and also happens to be the full CBS lineup as well as House on Fox. We got lucky last night and had a meeting with our Doula, so everything recorded without sending my husband into palpitations as he knew he wasn't going to be able to watch anything anyway. I have to find a way to fit everything in next week though!

This does not even begin to cover all the hardships of finding time to watch all the stuff that I have recorded! Even with being able to skip all the ads, this TV watching takes up SO much time! I picked up Castle, Lie To Me, and The Mentalist over the summer and there are a couple of new shows that look like they might be decent (Eastwick, Hank, Three Rivers, etc). When will I watch everything?

What about after the baby comes? I can't imagine that I will have time to watch everything that I want to. I wonder if it will slowly go by the wayside, or if I will cut shows out of my life kicking and screaming.

BTW - change of subject just a bit! I can't tell you all how sad I am that Life was canceled. I think it was one of the best shows ever! I really loved it and I will very much miss it!

Anyway, I had better cut this short or I am never going to get to watching all this TV!!


  1. um, i can't even get started on how much i watch and how LITTLE time i have to watch it all. and yet, i make it still. all 13 shows and all LOL

  2. I really liked Life also. That guy who starred in it was captivating in a very odd way. Did you ever watch Better off Ted? I thought it was really funny. It's going to come back after Dancing with the Stars is over.