Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

OK, NOW you can celebrate the Christmas season! There are 12 days before Christmas Eve and I like the idea of spending those 12 days doing something festive. Visit with Friends, attend holiday parties, decorate the house and tree, baking, singing Christmas carols and all the other festive things that put one in the holiday frame of mind. I hated seeing Christmas shopping commercials in October, but 12 days of Christmas is a perfectly acceptable length of time to celebrate!

That being said, I have finished all the shopping for Christmas that I needed to do and everyone has something that I am happy about and Santa is all hooked up for the big night. Also, we decorated our tree last night so we are getting a bit of a head start on everything J I have all the ingredients (except one spice that I need to get from the co-op, because I am not spending $12 for a whole jar when I need ½ a teaspoon!!) for all the baked gifts that I am doing. I will still need to get the food for the actual Christmas dinner, but that has to wait a bit longer – I don’t think people will want to eat a two week old turkey!! But, the major shopping, ordering and buying are all finished.

I like having that part out of the way. Now, I need to think about packing up and mailing the items for those who live far away. I need to bake for my friends and deliver delicious goodies to everyone. I need to wrap things and put some things together. I need to mail the Christmas cards (if they would EVER arrive already!) I still need to get the outside of the house decorated and I need to work on the Christmas Dinner menu and food assignments for those joining us. All these things are smallish and not really headache inducing so I will really be spending the 12 days of Christmas doing fun, festive things to get ready for the holiday, without stressing and without worry and most of all, without dread!!

Bring on the Christmas music!!

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  1. btw the 12 days of xmas are after the big day, not before ;)