Sunday, December 30, 2007

Found It!! Maybe....

We looked at 5 houses yesterday. I will detail each one.

1) The first house was very large and in a really great neighborhood. Most people would move heaven and earth to live there. Really great schools, close to everything, safe! The house itself was built in 1976, and the owners have not done ANYTHING to the house since then. We found orange shag carpet in the family room, green carpet in the living room and dining room, PINK shag carpet in the bathroom. Each room would need paint and updating. We liked the house and felt that the work might be worth it to get the neighborhood and the resale value.

2) This house we initially dismissed looking at because it only had one bathroom, but my husband wanted to look at it anyway and see if there was a way to build in another bathroom. We ended up really liking the house, the kitchen is kind of small but there is a way to add more counter tops. There is a roughed in second bathroom in the basement too! The location is close to my dad's and within minutes of work and everything else. We really liked this one!

3) This house was built in 1928 and had been totally remodeled. It is about 2 blocks from our current apartment, so the location is convenient. The bedrooms were small, and there were issues with the floor, it was not level in places, like the kitchen slanted downward! It was also right across the street from train tracks, and there was no yard. So we ruled this one out.

4) At this house the owner was home and hovered all over us the whole time we were there. It was hard to look at it fully with him right there listening to everything and telling us about oddball stuff.

5) This house was in the same neighborhood as house #4, but about $30,000 less! It said that it needed some cosmetic repairs. The house was totally trashed! It smelled! I mean we got half way up the stairs and turned around and left. The stench was a mix of animal, filth and human waste!

We decided at that point to go back to house number 2 and my dad met us there, he and his wife loved it too! This house is at the top of a hill and the property line is long and skinny, it is only about the width of the house, and there are neighbors very close on both sides. There is about 75 yards of wooded land out the front door and about 400 yards of woods behind the house. There could be another house built at some point next to our neighbor, but other than that, it is totally private. We met one of the neighbors and he told us that there is a family of 6 deer and several turkey's that rome around the front yards all the time. Smug-Hub is in heaven! The house is a great compromise between city living and country living. It only has two bedrooms, but it also has a one car garage, so there is plenty of storage! There is a skylight in the bathroom!

We are meeting out there again today with my Mom and Smug-Sister, and we are going to make an offer!! Wish us luck - I feel slightly sick to my stomach as this is really huge!!

I know that if it does not work out that it was not meant to be and we will find something else, so this is helping me not worry about it too much!!

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