Friday, December 7, 2007

Wrap Up This Week

Well, I made it the weekend... Finally!

This has been the week from hell as both Smug-Hub and I are reeling from separate pain and separate stresses.

For Smug-Hub, the death of his Grandmother has hit him hard and he is feeling guilt for not being there and for not spending more time with her while she was alive. He is frustrated with his various family members for fighting or name calling or generally not honoring Grandma as Smug-Hub feels that they should. I tried to tell him that people grieve in their own way and it is much easier to be mad at someone for money owed, than it is to be mad at Grandma for dying or mad at yourself for not spending more time with her. He did not understand, and got mad at me. I try to remember that he is trying to grieve in his own way too.

I have been increasingly buried under the mounting school and work pressure. I have been spending one evening a week at class, one evening a week taking care of Will, one evening a week walking with mom and have no time for myself. Running the house, managing the bills, budgeting money for the new house, arranging showings of different houses, laundry, food shopping, fixing the car, etc. I feel like I am doing everything around here and being crushed under it all.

I talked with both mom and Smug-Sister about my various responsibilities, and I am going to stop getting Will and put the walking with mom on a flexible basis. This way all the evenings of the week are mine and school! I hope that this will help with ease the pressure.

I also took half the day off today, had lunch with Smug-Sister and spent some good quality time on the couch with my best friend - the remote!! I just finished making some chocolate chip cookies too, so the comfort food is ready for me!

Tomorrow is going to be very full, pull the Christmas stuff and the winter clothes out of the storage unit, buy a little Christmas tree and decorate it. Have lunch and then meet up with the realtor and look at about 6 property's. Have dinner and then there is a preview of a film called "The Business of Being Born at a local university at 7pm. Sunday is going to be the normal laundry, food shopping, Christmas shopping, etc.

Monday will be the last Human Resources class, Tuesday work half a day then drive to Greensboro to take Smug-Hubt to the airport. Wednesday will be work and then getting all the homework done for the first Marketing class on Thursday night. I will have Friday and Saturday to myself and I plan to make no plans!! Sunday I drive back to Greensboro to pick him up!

Maybe once Christmas is over, and we buy the house, and we move, and I get finished with school.... oh, wait, then we are going to have kids! I doubt that I will ever have free time again!! Oh, stop listening to me, I am just feeling sorry for myself!


  1. My dear friend....don't forget our cookie party Friday! I am going to make some cheesy baked potato soup for our girls night!

  2. Cookies and potato soup? I love them both! What happened to my invitation???

  3. Utenzi--did you become a girl overnight? If so, you are more than welcome to join...that would entail being in the same room with me...can you handle that?