Friday, December 28, 2007

House Hunting and News Years Resolutions.

House Hunting:
SUCKS! We found a house that we love, we wanted to sleep on it for a while as the house had been on the market for over 118 days, it wasn't going anywhere! The selling agent called our agent to tell us that another couple was looking at the house for the second time. We decided to bid on the house. That bitchy selling agent called that other couple and told them that we were bidding on the house. They decided to also bid on the house, they bid slightly higher than we did, and requested a sooner closing date. They discarded our bid!! OK, so my brain is telling me that this was not the house for us, that we will find a better house and all will go smoothly. But my heart has cracked a little and I have been depressed for a few days.

We are going to look at 5 new houses tomorrow and they all look promising. I am sure that we will find something, but whatever....

New Years Resolutions:
I have decided to start the year off by cleansing everything. I am going to cleanse my body, heart, mind, home, and office!

Body: I am going to start the Master Cleanse (a.k.a the lemonade diet) on January first and do that for 10 days. During this time, I am going to do low key workouts. I have gotten some beginner yoga and Pilates videos and I plan on doing one 20 minute workout each day. This will help with the cleanse, yet not be so demanding on my body that I pass out from lack of food! After the 10 days, there are 3 days of easing yourself back into normal food. I plan on setting up a low fat, low calorie eating plan for myself, so that I can 1) continue losing weight and 2) not clog my body up so fast again! I also plan on getting back into going to the gym a few days a week and working out at home a few days a week.

Heart and Mind: I am going to work on my negativity. I would like to think of myself as a "glass-half-full" kind of chick, but in reality I am not and I tend to see the worst in people. I am going to work on this. I am going to try to emulate my Mother-In-Law, whom I have never heard utter a bad word about anyone!

House and Office: I am going to continue the work that I have started at the house, packing up unnecessary items and taking them to mom's attic or the storage unit. I am going to finish getting my shoes and clothes cleaned out and taken to Goodwill. I am going to organize all paperwork in my office, so that I can easily find anything that I happen to go looking for.

As for the money part of my life, I have already made really good strides in that area, my checking and savings accounts are being balanced and handled properly. The credit cards are on a payoff plan that is steadily reducing the balances (albeit, very slowly). I have changed my 401(k) plan to take advantage of the new matching program. After the house is purchased, I will sign up for a Roth IRA and Smug-Hub and I will work on our Will's and Revocable Living Trusts and make sure that our Life Insurance is set up correctly. We just can't make too many changes to our finances while they are being looked at for the home loan and it makes no sense to create the will or trust when we don't have anything to put into them yet.

I am looking forward to all the new things that 2008 will bring into my life. A House. Financial Stability. Time with my Husband. A Baby Perhaps.....

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  1. Sounds really good! I just made changes to my 401(k) and IRA and increased our mortgage payment. Sigh.

    Good luck with the cleanse. I hope you don't get the terrible headaches that I do.

    Happy New Year!