Friday, July 31, 2009

Bouncing Baby!

My baby was bouncing all over the place at the doctor appointment yesterday! It was very sweet to watch and she/he also had one arm up near his/her head - which is exactly how my husband sleeps, so he is tickled pink that his baby is already taking after daddy!

I LOVE my new doctor! He is totally wonderful and I did not pull any punches with him either. I told him that I wanted a partner in this process and not a dictator. I did not need someone taking over and telling me how it is going to be.

I told him that I wanted a labor and birth with as little intervention as possible, I wanted to be able to move around and use a birthing ball or birthing stool if I wanted to. I wanted to have lower lighting and to bring this baby into the world is softly and calmly as possible. He was totally OK with everything that I said.

He is the father of 10 (yes TEN) kids!! The oldest is 17 and the youngest is 18 months! They were all born naturally and without a lot of medical intervention! I was really impressed and happy that he was so eager to make us a team in this process!

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