Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not Sick... At the Moment

I woke up this morning, slowly got out of bed and went into the bathroom. All normal so far, feeling OK. I gagged on my toothbrush, just like normal and had a nice shower, just like normal.

It wasn't until I actually got to work that I noticed that I was feeling OK. I had a pear and a peach at 6am and still felt OK. I ended up getting really busy and did not get to have my cereal until close to 9am (I normally eat that around 7:30am). I am actually feeling slightly overfull at the moment, but that is OK. I am also feeling like a nap might be a good thing at some point, but overall I am feeling fairly decent! I am almost afraid to write that, like I will jinx myself by thinking that I might be feeling OK.

Smug-Hub just called me to say that he has been throwing up all morning, including a little blood. He told me that he has the shakes and since getting up everything on his stomach, has only been dry heaving. I feel like I should rush home to be with him, but he is the type that likes to be left completely alone when he is feeling bad. I will give it some time and let him call me if he needs something.

He ate pork last night for dinner. He has gotten sick the last three times he has eaten pork, so I think that I will be putting my foot down next time he wants to purchase it. Perhaps he is also having some sympathy morning sickness for me. All three times have been while I was pregnant - something to think about.

Yesterday was actually a great day and the adrenaline from my activities helped me get through the day.

I finally got a hold of the woman who was the doula for Smug-Sister when my nephew was born. I knew that she was not doing the doula thing anymore as she was focusing totally on being a midwife now. I was hoping that she would recommend another local doula that would be good. Instead she said that she would make an exception and be my doula herself. She also said that while she would be my doula in the hospital, she would like to treat my like a midwifery client also, which just means that she would provide additional information on natural childbirth and nutrition among other things. So basically, I will be getting $3,000 worth of care for the $800 price of a doula! I am stoked!

I also asked her about my concerns about my current OB. You see, I actually see the nurse practitioner whom I absolutely LOVE! The only problem is that she would not be the one to actually deliver the baby, that would have to be done by one of the other doctors in the practice. My doula suggested another doctor, who happens to be in my network, as someone very good. She told me that he does not have the whole God complex, and is very open to this being the mother's experience and if she needs to move around, push on all fours, squat, birthing ball, whatever, he is fine with it. So, I called and made an appointment with him next week.

I kind of feel badly about leaving my current OB, but I really want to form a bond with whoever is going to be there for the actual labor and delivery and I really like the idea of a doctor that is OK with a well educated person who knows exactly what she wants. I am not actually well educated or know exactly what I want yet, but I will be!!

I also talked to the lady who runs a local lactation center, she and my mom have been friends forever, so I have known here since I was a little kid. She gave me some names of people teaching Hypnobirthing classes and told me about some of the great nursing bras and other stuff she has in her shop. I am feeling like I am starting to make some good connections and you can never be too prepared, have too many resources, or have too much support!!

I also e-mailed my cousin who did the Hypnobirthing with her second baby and asked her some questions and am hoping that I will hear back from her soon. I am just feeling like I was really productive and proactive. I just have felt so bad for so long that I have put everything on hold. Even though I still don't feel great yet, I am feeling up to starting to plan my pregnancy and birth. I think that now that I have adjusted to reading the pregnancy books and gotten caught up so that I am only reading about the current week, I have room to start reading about birth and getting a birth plan together and plan when to take the classes and put together an exercise plan and so on. I am so ready to get past this first trimester and into the second, where I hear you have tons of energy and stop feeling sick all the time. That is what I am expecting - even if it is a mind of matter thing! I don't care - this sick feeling will go away.

Which, by the way, is totally back. In the time it took me to write this post, I went from feeling fairly OK, to feeling fairly like shit again :(

Oh well...

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  1. i think you have a great plan going on here and i'm so excited for you! my morning sickness went away just like how yours is...everyday i felt a little better and better til it was gone :)