Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why the Dallas Cowboys Showed up at My Anniversary Party

So, as you know I am pregnant; and as such I have been having some really strange and vivid dreams.

So the other time I dreamt that Smug-Hub and I were having a huge second anniversary party, I was in my wedding dress and he was in a tux. We were, for some strange reason, at my mom's old house up in the mountains. We had asked everyone coming to bring a dish to share. Then people started showing up with more people then we were expecting and saying that they forgot to bring a dish.

I was very concerned that we would not have enough food for all the people, so I asked Smug-Hub to run to the store and get some packages of frozen lasagna. I told him to really hurry since people were already arriving.

As soon as he left, my friend Michelle showed up with her husband, who, for some reason, had just started working for the Dallas Cowboys. So the whole team and all the cheerleaders tagged along to the party. One of them was carrying about 50 pizza boxes, so I knew that we would have enough food. So I tried to call Smug-Hub and tell him to come back since we did not need the lasagna, but since we were in the mountains, of course there was no cell service.

I was so worried that he would take his sweet time and totally miss hanging out with his favorite team and especially all the cheerleaders. I finally decided to ask them all for their autographs so that he would have that at least if he missed hanging with them.

So I was running around trying to get everyone to sign, while they were playing a football game in the yard by the way complete with stadium lighting and hot dog peddlers. Finally one of the players said that he would take care of getting the signatures so I could go tend to the rest of the guests. Smug-Hub is still dawdling at the grocery store I guess.

Then suddenly, I am in my own kitchen making potatoes, eggs, grits and the like for everyone to eat for breakfast. Every time I fill a bowl with completed food, someone hands me an empty bowl that needs refilling. I finally hear word that people are slowing down and I can stop cooking. I start to leave the kitchen, realize that I am pregnant and can't stand food smells and am tired all the time and start to collapse.

I am caught by Tony Romo (who is the only cowboy player I can recognize on sight), who helps me to my bedroom. He thanks me for the food and great party. He asks is I need anything. I say "Why did you and Jessica really break up?" Then... I wake up!

I was about to get the scoop and I wake up - dang!

Smug-Hub missed the whole thing and when I told him about this dream, I think that he was actually pissed he missed it.

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  1. Your dreams have a lot more plot than mine do, Smug. Too bad we didn't find out the scoop on Jessica.