Thursday, February 11, 2010

40 Weeks

Today I see my doctor for my 40 week visit. I am officially due tomorrow and nothing is happening. No lost mucus plug, no water breaking, no regular cramping or contractions. My daughter is currently protesting to my choice of lunch (spicy sloppy Joes) by kicking me in the bladder and ribs simultaneously, but the spicy does not seem to being on any major changes in the last 4 minutes since I finished eating. Now I have heartburn to look forward to as well…

I am really getting burned out on being pregnant. I know that my hormones are acting up, cause I still want to strangle people who have asinine comments like "haven't you had that baby yet?" Why, yes, yes I did, can't you tell??? God people!

I am thinking that I am going to cut back to part time starting next week unless the doctor wants me to stop totally. I was stuck in the house alone all day on Tuesday when we had more bad snow and I was really bored. If I stop working totally what will I do all day?

With snow measuring in the feet instead of inches, getting outside for a walk each day is not going to happen, but maybe I would feel more like getting to the gym to swim or walk the treadmill but with working that is too much. I can really see how women get talked into induction cause if he were of want to strip my membranes today I would have a hard time saying no, cause I am really ready. However, if she is not ready, that could lead to complications and I don't want that at all. On the other hand, it might be fine and I could have a baby tomorrow instead of coming to work! What should I do?

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