Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quitting Work...Maybe

I am thinking more and more about starting my maternity leave sooner rather than later. I am going to see what the doctor thinks before I make any final decisions. I don’t want to cut into my weeks off and spend several of them without the baby, but I am starting to wear out!

I really want to do some things before the baby comes like really clean my house and get the fridge cleaned out and dispose of all the expired crap in the bathroom. I would like to make and freeze some food to have ready after she comes. I would like to walk and swim and take naps and just get centered and ready. I am so tired and hurting so much after working all day, that I don’t do any of these things.

I am embarrassed to admit that I have not really cleaned my house since right before family came for Christmas! I want to get it clean!! Maybe this is the beginning of nesting, except that messy and dirty always bother me – I am slightly on the OCD side.

I would like to be really strong for when labor starts. I have been sick with head colds three times during this pregnancy and my knees hurt whenever I put pressure on them (like when standing up, sitting down, using the stairs, etc.), my feet and legs are pretty much staying swollen now, and everything takes so much effort! I just feel like if I cut out working, and getting up at 4am to get to work, then I would feel better and be able to be strong.

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