Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Minor Frustrations

I am finding that I am increasingly irritated with people constantly telling me how huge, enormous and otherwise big I am. I do have a mirror in my house, people! I can see for myself that I am big, I know that I am huge, I have to carry around this extra weight all day and night, so I really don’t need to be told or reminded how gargantuan I am right now.

Also, people can stop asking me if the baby isn’t here yet. Again, what a stupid thing to say! You can see that I am still obviously pregnant, I was just in the office yesterday, so there is no way that I had a baby, and maternity leave and am already back within hours of when you saw me last!! You asked me the due date yesterday, what the hell is wrong with you???

I find myself less and less able to come up with polite responses and I really want to tell people to fuck off and leave me the hell alone! I can’t do this and I wouldn’t even on the worst of days, but it is getting harder!

It is hard to blame people really, because they are just happy for us and excited for us and want to be part of the whole experience with us, but the odd comments about my size and when she will arrive are starting to really wear on me. I feel that this is partly because I am anxious to get the show on the road too, and partly because I am getting to the point where I am really uncomfortable all the time anyway, so it is harder to put on a nice face for people.

I did get my nails done yesterday and that felt really great and I have a hair cut and massage scheduled for this afternoon so that may help as well. I am anxious for some relief from these minor annoyances – and that is what they are minor! Small amounts of heartburn, slight pain in my knees and other joints, sometimes out of breath, stuff like that – nothing major, nothing life threatening, nothing to get all worked up over, yet…

I am just feeling like I am in a bad mood like all the time. Of course, this mood really just started yesterday, so I don’t know!

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