Friday, February 12, 2010

Today Is The Day

Well, I am not in labor but I am so relieved and happy that it really doesn't matter. The last month has been long and hard, I was feeling so worn out and tired and run down that it made continuing to be pregnant that much harder on me. All that changed this week! Last week, I was so ready to be finished with work, so tired the thought of getting up another morning would bring me to tears. Then I decided to take a day off due to the massive snow being called for last weekend, then I ended up getting cut 4 hours on Monday due to low volume and did not attempt to get to work on Tuesday again due to the blizzard we had that day. So I got lots of rest, my head cold finally cleared up and I have only worked 3 full days this week.

I am finding that I have more energy to do stuff around the house in the evenings and I have even been sleeping a bit better. So, while last week I was convinced that this week would be my last at work, but yesterday I was thinking that I might be able to handle working a bit longer.

I talked about my concerns with my doctor and he agreed that perhaps working part time until I go into labor would be best for me. So I talked to my boss and not only did she agree to cut my hours in half, she also agreed to my working 10am-2pm instead of coming into work at 6am each morning.

This has made me so happy! This way, I can sleep in a bit if I have a bad night, I am not trying to drive to work before any of the roads have been scraped or any ice has had time to get started melting. I am still off during the day with enough time to go to the pool and swim laps or go to the mall and walk. I am still bringing in some income and not dipping into my maternity leave too early! It is like the perfect thing and why the hell did I not do this three weeks ago!?!?!?!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I feel happy and not so anxious on when Smug-Baby will decide to be born! While yesterday I was still singing the "come on baby, come on baby" mantra, now I feel like I have things well in hand outside and she is free to take as much time as she needs. I don't even feel like biting off the heads of people who ask if I have had the baby yet!!

While I am still anxious to have her here and get to squeeze her and love her and kiss her toes, I am not feeling so crazed about it that I would want to consider induction or anything at this point! It feels like everything is brighter and better and happier and different! I am back to loving being a pregnant chick for the time being!!

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