Monday, September 19, 2011


I am aspiring...

I aspire to be a vegan. I have made the switch to vegan milk and vegan butter in the house and vegan cheese in recipes. However, I still sometimes have "real" cheese on things like eggs, when the cheese is a big part of taste factor. I am not vegan when eating out, mostly because in my small-ish city, finding vegetarian food is often hard enough! So, I have some goals to help me get where I want to be:

     1) Limit the cheese that I eat at home to once a week
     2) Limit eating out to twice a week (that includes meals with family, husband, and/or meals on the go)

I aspire to be organized. I am working on deep cleaning and organizing my house and it is really hard to keep working on one little thing each week and not get overwhelmed at what is left to do. It is also hard not to keep going back over the rooms already completed. My thinking is to have the house on a rotation, once I get finished with the whole house, start back at the beginning. The plan is that with each rotation, the time spent on the room will get shorter and the cleaning more complete, because there will be less to do, just maintenance. Goals here are:

     1) Don't get hung up on how the bathroom drawers are already looking junked up again. Keep in mind that they look great compared to how they looked before and how in a few weeks it will be there turn again.
     2) Don't look around at all that is left to do; focus only on the task for this week and not at the week's laid out in front of you. Take time to enjoy all that you are finished so far!

I aspire to fitness. I want to be thinner and stronger and committed to my personal health and fitness. I want to be around for my child (possibly children) and be able to take them to the park and keep up with them and roll around on the floor with them. It takes health and fitness to do that. However, as much as I want that, finding the time, energy and, let's face it, motivation to put the video into the DVD player is hard. I wish for a buddy to workout with, but Mom and I walk and bike and I blow her off every chance I get! I brought the Tracy Anderson stuff, but she is so hard core that it is impossible to keep up with the hugeness of daily life and workout for 2 hours without stopping. Also, I don't need perfection, I just need better.

     1) I found a couple of DVD programs at yard sales and online. Both claim to compress the moves so that you will get a full body and cardio workout in one short burst. I will do a ten minute workout each day.
     2) The other DVD program is something that Smug-Sister and I both want to do, so I will do that ten minute workout each day too. Using her as my buddy and my support and offering my support to her.  That's only 20 minutes of working out each day and they can be split up into an afternoon and evening burst, when Smug-Baby is eating dinner or playing with Smug-Niece. I only need 10 minutes. I WILL FIND IT!!
     3) Daily walking with Mom. We are planning on walking with the babies in the mornings just after I leave work, before lunch and the rest of the day. We won't be able to do it every week day, but most and we will support each other.

I aspire to make healthy meals for my family. I make menus and plan dinners each week. I have been leaving a few nights open for take-out, family get togethers, or leftovers. I haven't planned lunches, thinking to have the previous night’s leftovers and I have never planned snacks. We end up eating pasta or peanut butter some nights and I find myself tired and burned out from my day and not cooking when I should and leaving Smug-Hub to scrounge up something for himself at the last minute.

     1) Cook nightly. Now that I have found Peas and Thank You, I have quick, healthy, easy to put together, meals that call for ingredients that I already have or aren't too expensive. Mama Pea has never asked me to buy crazy one note ingredients that I will never use again.
     2) Plan for snacks during the day to cut down on getting overly hungry while out and about with the girls. It leads to too many trips to Chipotle!!

OK, so that is the plan for action. I have been working on my weekly cleaning plan for a while and it has been working out well. I have been getting better about the menu planning over the last two weeks and cooking dinner more regularly. Now, I just need to add the workout routines and keep up on everything. I can do this. I WILL DO THIS!!!

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