Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scared of Clothes

All of a sudden Smug-Baby is hating having her clothes put on, diaper put on, diaper changed, clothing taken off, shoes put on or taken off. I don't know what the deal is, but she screams and cries as though I am killing her when I get her dressed in the mornings or attempt to clean the poo off her butt!

She is getting so much better (and I am too I guess) at getting her point across and letting me know what she needs. She is also getting tons better at understanding what I am trying to tell her too, but we don't understand each other when it comes to this clothing thing. I win, I mean she is always wearing clothes, and I don't let her stay in a poo filled diaper, but it is a real challenge!

She used to love her bath time, then she screamed and cried throughout bath time, then all of a sudden she liked the bath again and now that she is having this aversion to changing her state of dress or undress, she is crying though bath time again. I suppose that she will come out of this stage too and all I can do is make sure that she is clean and dry and warm and ride it out.

Other than that she is lots of fun. She wants to play with me and hands me blocks to stack or twirls around my legs in a fun game of lets-get-dizzy! She likes to push the stool up to the bathroom sink and watch me while I am getting ready for bed. She also looks at herself in the mirror and practices her facial expressions - it really is too cute!!

So, you know how Smug-Hub is a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan and I am a die-hard Washington Redskins fan? Well, these two teams met on Monday night and my team lost by a tiny 2 points. Well, this morning Smug-Hub dressed Smug-Baby in a Cowboy's shirt!!! Well, Smug-Sister decided Smug-Baby wouldn't be allowed into the house with "that Cowboy crap on"

Lucky for Smug-Baby, Smug-Sister had something she could wear

Smug-Hub was so NOT happy :)

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