Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plugging Away

Today is day three, yet it feels like I have been working out and juggling all my tasks for a whole lot longer. I have stuck to my plans come hell or high water and gotten most of what I needed to get done completed on the days it needed to get done.

Monday, the only thing that didn't get done was cleaning out the kitchen drawers. I cleaned them on Tuesday, but that meant that I didn't get to clean off the tops of the fridge and pantry, but everything else for Tuesday got finished. Today, I cleaned the tops and the dish cabinet, the glasses cabinet, made wipes, and washed diapers. I didn't clean out the Gladware cabinet or fold the washed diapers, so that moves to tomorrow. Overall, the stuff that I needed to push off to the next day was small, so I am still feeling like this is doable and I am proud of myself for accomplishing so much.

Smug-Baby is on a short fuse as I think she is teething. She did better today, playing on top of me while I attempted to do my workout moves. Smug-Niece on the other hand seemed less happy to be there. She didn't want to play, have something to eat, or watch Elmo. She would play for something for a few moments, then cry and want to be held, but almost as soon as I picked her up, she wanted down again. I think she was tired, because they didn't nap long and they both fell asleep again on the way to take Smug-Niece home, so maybe that was all it was.

Tonight, we worked on leftovers and played on the floor with Smug-Baby for a while, but then Smug-Hub took off to hang with a friend he hasn't seen in a while with the promise that he would return by 9:30 and we would all go to bed together. We have this plan to keep Smug-Baby up a bit later in the hopes that she will sleep more soundly in the mornings when I am trying to sneak out. The last few mornings she has been up when I left and it is terrible!! Notice, that I am typing this and it is almost 10 though so...

While he has been gone, Smug-Baby and I have gotten all ready for bed with a bath for her and a face washing for me. We both brushed our teeth and put on our PJ's - we are set! She is running circles around the living room with a bucket on her head at the moment!

Smug-Hub has to be out of town this weekend and I have big plans to knock out the rest of the cleaning in the kitchen and start on the downstairs. I also want to catch up on uploading all my pictures to Facebook and order prints from Shutterfly. I want to get caught up on all the season premieres that are currently on the DVR and basically spend the weekend at home, doing home stuff!! It will be nice I think!

I hear the truck pulling up - 10:15! I'm gonna strangle him one of these days!!! Good night all!!

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