Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Started This Workout Program and Man Am I Sore!!

So, I feel like I may be dying! Everything hurts and just seems to be getting worse. I do keep adding to the muscle strain each day, so that sorta makes since, but still... I do know that pushing through the first week or two is the only way to help ease the level or soreness, so I am committed to getting though it and getting stronger, but I am so sore!! And Tired!!

I am still trying to do everything on my "to do" list daily and keep both the girls happy and I have added a layer with the workout program. It is going to take some time to adjust to the new pace of my days. I used to be busy, but now I have to be busy on a more structured schedule and at a faster pace than before. It will take some time to get comfortable.

I am looking forward to getting the first round of deep cleaning and organizing done in the house. I feel like that will free up a lot of time during the week, since upkeep will involve less time than the first overhaul has. The plan is to work on the kitchen some each day and have it finished this weekend so I can start on the downstairs next week. If I do a little something down there each day too, then it should take about two weeks and then the house will be done! Of course, then it will be time to start over...

I have cooked dinner each evening this week so far, OK so it's only Tuesday, but I have cooked dinner the last three nights! I have made snacks for the following day, so I wouldn't be tempted to grab take-out and that seems to have worked pretty well. Also, I am motivated not to undo totally the workouts that I have been doing by eating junk! I have been dairy free, except for the leftover desserts from the Greek Festival that I ate yesterday, so that has been good.

Overall the week has been going well as far as my goals and aspirations are concerned. Smug-Baby on the other hand is having a rough week. It seems that she may be working on her two year molars and they are really hurting her. She just bursts into tears while playing happily and grabs her mouth. She is living on the baby Advil now and won't let me brush her back teeth at night. She isn't sleeping well/deeply/long either at night or during naps. It is really hard to watch her in pain and not be able to do much about it.

I hate to admit this, but it is also really hard to be slammed busy and so sore you can't bend over to pick up your shoes and have a baby crying and pulling at you every 90 seconds and then as soon as you sit down to hold her, it passes and she is off back playing. So, you get up (no small feat, since your ass is sore) and get back to work and then the next wave of pain hits. It wears a persons patience! I hope that they break through soon or stop growing for a while, one of the two! She and I both need a break from them!!

Until Wednesday folks!!

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