Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Day

I have had such a good day!
I spent the day at an Advanced Excel training class, I have learned so much!! The class was both Monday and today, so I was technically out of the office, but both days I went into the office after the class was over, so.... when I go into the office tomorrow, I will be much less behind than I would have been otherwise!

I spent the afternoon with Sassy, as she helped me work on the super secret Groom's gift! OK, you pulled it out of me!! It is a black leather book full of pages of pictures of both Smug-Hub and I as baby's on up to our current dating life. The first page of the book will be a love letter (that I am still trying to draft), and the last page will be a place for our wedding picture. I am going to give it him on the wedding day! I really hope that he likes it!

I would have just stuck pictures to pages and been done with it, but Sassy has this incredible artistic and creative talent and spent 3 hours this afternoon putting together about half the book is these beautiful pages! I am so impressed with my amazingly talented friend!!!!

I know that I have mentioned before how lucky I am, but I am constantly reminded of just how truly lucky I am to have all that I have, including this wonderful friend!

Now, how could I have come home and posted about what a bitch my poor father had this misfortune to marry??

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