Friday, August 3, 2007

Smug Falls Apart

I think that the school, work, wedding, moving, stress has finally caught up with me. I have been getting steadily sicker since Tuesday. I started feeling like a had a small frog in my throat Monday night and woke up Tuesday morning feeling like dog crap. I went into work for a few hours to do some "must do's" and then I e-mailed everything that I needed to myself and went home to work from home and rest. I thought that this was working OK, I was getting things done and still getting time to sleep. I even felt better Wednesday, but Thursday and today have just been really bad. I lost most of my voice yesterday and while I am able to function during the main part of the day, the mornings and evenings are really horrible. I can't breathe and can't rest due to the lack of breathing.

I am finally printing the board package and actually have it about 75% complete. Once they go into the mail, I am heading home. Smug-Hub has decided that I HAVE to see the doctor, so I made a 2pm appointment. I really hope that whatever they give me allows me to sleep like all weekend long!! I am so tired and achy and did I mention that I can't breathe?? There is an actual whistle when I pull air into my lungs, I think this is from the Flem in my throat, which no amount of painful coughing helps to dislodge.

OK, enough with the pity party!! We had friends over last night for dinner and to watch 300. I went to bed about half way through it and the whole evening is kind of a haze, but it was very stylized, and reminded me of Sin City, so if you liked Sin City, you will probably like 300 too. I am actually looking forward to watching it all the way through.

I am getting married next month!! 50 days!!


  1. Hope you are feeling better! 300 might be the ticket to a perk in spirits with those half-naked men in it!

  2. it's only 47 days away! Yay.

  3. You're the second blogger I've come across today to be in the throes of wedding planning. Well, perhaps this is the universe telling me something. "Never get married!" Yeah, that sounds about right! I'm kidding, of course. I'm a standup comedienne, so bad jokes like that come naturally! Best of luck!