Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To Wash Or Not To Wash

I had planed to make this post about my upcoming trip to get Will (my nephew, ring bearer) fitted for his tux. But.... I drink a lot of water during the day and needed to make a quick visit to the restroom, so that is where the subject matter for this post is actually coming from....

Why are different people so different about bathroom habits?? When I visited the restroom here at the office, there were two women already each in a stall. Talking. To each other. I came in and did what I had to do and was washing my hands before either one of the other women flushed. This leads one to believe that they were both sitting there, chatting and pooping.... I don't understand this! I know that we all do the same things in the bathroom, but it is really a private and personal process that really does not need to be discussed or done with anyone else's involvement!

AND PLEASE!!!! What is with people not washing their hands?????????? Let's say that you are a generally scuzzy kind of person and don't feel that washing your hands when you are finished in the bathroom is necessary. You must have at least an idea that the rest of the world finds hand washing to be not only important, but non-negotiable! When you are being your normal scuzzy self in a public bathroom, wouldn't it be embarrassing to you to let your co-workers know just how scuzzy you are by not washing your hands??

OK, let's assume that you were only in the stall to say blow your nose or have a good cry - everyone else who used that stall before you touched the same door handle - you have no idea if the last person in the stall peed all over their hands and then touched the door handle!!! Wash your DAMN hands people!!

Does your scuzzy self not know how many germs live in the bathroom? Do you just not care if you get sick? Or make others sick??

This process of turning on the water, wetting your hands, applying a bit of soap, rubbing a bit, rinsing and drying, just too much for you???

People - do whatever you want in your own home, just know that if I am visiting your home and realize that you are a scuzzy person who does not wash their hands after using the bathroom, I am taking myself home to my own bathroom for a disinfecting shower!!

Don't even get me started on people who don't' use their turn signals..... it's a finger flip people!!!!

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  1. Amen Sistah! I so cannot stand to be around people if I know they are not handwashers...ewwwww! Total gross out and I have been known not to be friends any longer with such persons...I just kind of drift away!