Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Couponing Results!!

So, I have been out shopping and am very pleased with my results! I took 3 coupons into CVS and printed another from the machine inside the door. I needed to get eyeliner, mouthwash, allergy medication, shampoo and (because I had a coupon) a toothbrush. It broke down like this:

Pantene - Full price $6.97, Sale Buy one Get one - so $3.49 each and earns $2.00 in extra bucks.

Crest Pro Health Rinse (mouthwash) - Full price $7.49, sale price $4.50, $2.00 coupon and $2.50 in extra bucks.

Oral B Toothbrush - Full price $6.89, sale price $6.00, $2.00 coupon and $3.00 in extra bucks.

Revlon Eye Pencil - full price $10.99, not on sale, but coupon worth $3.00 and earned $4.00 in extra bucks.

Allegra - Full price $15.79, not on sale, but had a coupon for $2.00 off and Smug-Hub really, really needed it!!!

OK, so I would have spent $55.10 if I had paid full price for everything.

I would have spent $44.25 had I just bought them at the sale price.

I saved another $9.00 with the coupons and earned $11.50 in extra bucks and lets face it, that is like cash in hand! So I saved a total of $31.35 after taxes!! Its like paying $23.75 for $55.10 worth of products! I'd say that is worth the 90 minutes I spent cutting coupons and compiling my list!!

As for Kroger, I will not break down each item, cause, well, I don't have that kind of time!! However, I didn't purchase anything that wasn't on sale and my total was $99.78 before the plus card or the few coupons. I walked out having only paid $60.19!!! That is a savings of over $39.00!!! That is a combination of sale prices, eCoupons loaded on my plus card and paper coupons!!

That doesn't even include the fuel points - 146 so far this month and that will translate to $0.10 off each gallon of gas the next time I fill up!

So, what did I come home with???

Here is $100 worth of groceries!

The eggs were free!

 While I am trying to limit dairy, Smug-Hub isn't, so these are for him and since they don't expire until late September, he's got time to enjoy them!
Cheerios are kind of a guilty pleasure for me and Smug-Baby likes them too!

Good for washing all those cloth diapers

Sorry SPM, we still use paper towels, although we use the cloth towels too, so we are getting better!!

Smug-Hub loves to have yogurt and fruit or toast with breakfast, so this will last us a week!

Now that we are grilling out more with the summer-like weather, these will get put to great use right away!!

Again, not for me! OK, maybe just a little for me :) 
This is one of those big expense items that I just hate, but this was regularly priced at $10.99, on sale for $7.50 and I had a $2.00 coupon! Can't beat it!

Got one for me at CVS, so I got one for Smug-Hub too! I'm nice like that!

I didn't have coupons for the produce, but everything was on sale!

I did have a coupon for these mushrooms and I plan on eating them reallly soon cause I love mushrooms!!

All these frozen veggies! There are $1.00 each, but I had a couple of coupons worth $0.40 off two bags and that coupon doubled, so I thought it was a good deal!

All in all, it was a productive shopping trip, except for Smug-Baby getting hungry toward the end and pulling at the front of my shirt to let me know she needed the Binky's! I have enough food to make some nice, healthy meals this week and a few household items to have on hand when needed.

While I didn't get a huge rush at checkout like the extreme coupon people, I am pretty pleased with myself!


  1. those eggs SHOULD be free considering the chickens live an inhumane life and the eggs are left with very little nutrition. Harsh I know...just sayin'. :-P love you? :)

  2. i just saw your comment about the papertowels. ha! I thought 'man you could have saved the money on papertowels and just not bought any...' but i refrained. Now I see you know I was thinkin' it. Ha!