Friday, June 24, 2011

That Was Fast

Well, if you had asked me if I was ready to have a second baby two weeks ago, I would have laughed in your face and said "hell no!!" However that was two weeks ago and today if you asked me the same question the answer would be more along the lines of  "maybe". What is odd to me is that when the desire to have another baby hit me, it hit really hard and now its almost all I think about. Smug-Hub and I have had a few conversations about birth plans, circumcision, and the financial impact and we are not really at odds. He seems to be a lot closer to being ready too.

I still think that for Smug-Baby's sake I would still like to wait to start trying until she is about 2 years old. That way, she will be more able to play on her own while I deal with morning sickness and she will be closer to 3 before the new baby is born. I think that is good spacing, but the desire to get pregnant right away is getting stronger, so who knows :)

I have decided to occupy myself in the meantime with focusing on getting myself ready to be pregnant again. That means losing a bit more weight and trying to establish some healthy habits again before my body needs to work on growing another human.

This means:
1 - Getting back off dairy in large part - although I am thinking about adding small amounts of good quality dairy, like stuff from the co-op a few times a week, but not eating it when out as a compromise.

2 - Establishing some kind of exercise plan that I can stick to. We have been biking and swimming this spring/summer, but nothing consistent. I need to get back into my Tracy Anderson videos and back to walking a lot. This will help me (hopefully) lose a bit more weight, but also, once pregnant the exercise will help with the back pain, knee pain and was also helpful with morning sickness last time. Not to mention, having a strong heart and good stamina is a must for labor and delivery!!

3 - Organization of my home and life! As I talked about last post, everything is kind of falling apart at my house. Every room needs major cleaning and organizing and with trying to keep all the balls in the air, it has been impossible to give my home the attention it deserves. I spoke with Smug-Sister about my idea of bringing the girls back to my house for a few hours each day and she was not only agreeable but eager to help! I hope to start that next week and get into a routine of getting a little something done everyday until the house is in good order.

4 - The finances need some work. We have needed to use the credit cards to get buy a bit in the last few months due to some unexpected expenses, so we need to get back to the point where we are living on what we bring in and not relying on the cards to make the ends meet. We also need to sock money away to help cover the expenses while I'm on maternity leave with a new baby. We really haven't totally recovered from when I was off with Smug-Baby (which is understandable, since I went from full time to part time). Regardless, there is some work to be done there!

5 - Smug-Hub and I were both traumatized by what happened after Smug-Baby was born but we have different prospectives on how to go forward. Smug-Hub feels like when things went wrong, the hospital staff was right there to save my life and Smug-Baby's life, while I feel like the problems that happened came about because of the hospital interventions. I would like to consider the possibility of having a home birth, while Smug-Hub is more scared of what could happen if we are not in a hospital. We have talked about interviewing some local midwives and seeing how we feel after we research some statistics and talk with some people and not get so attached to one idea or another that we end up trapped.

So, that is the plan for now. Work on getting my mind and body and home ready for a new baby and get our finances in a good place. Then, we can work on the actually trying to get pregnant without other worries!!

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