Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop the Whistling!

I can’t concentrate on anything today. I feel like I am rolling around in a fog. Today is the third morning in a row following a bad night’s sleep. Sunday night Smug-Baby fell asleep about 10pm and all was well until about midnight. It was when Smug-Hub was snoring that she first woke. It was when I gently pulled on his ear to wake him enough to put on his CPAP mask and he yelled “WHAT??” at me that she woke up fully and was totally ready to play. Smug-Hub realized that this was most likely his fault and took her into the living room, which lasted about 4 seconds until she wanted to come back into the bedroom. From then until 3:15, he slept while she played and rolled around the bed, nursing on and off and finally fell asleep with about 75 minutes left before the alarm made me get up and go to work.

I ended up having an unexpectedly free day and was able to get the house cleaning done and laundry done. I also made menus and a grocery list and clipped a ton of coupons. I made a nice dinner and spent lots of quality time playing and the floor with a sweet baby girl! Notice, that I didn’t mention a nap anywhere in there. I meant to, really, it just didn’t happen. So, Monday night, Smug-Baby slept like a champ! Smug-Hub wore his mask all night! Should have been a good night right? Well, the mask is new and he doesn’t quite have all the settings right so that it fits correctly, and all night the mask whistled. A high pitched whistle that sets your teeth on edge people! I do remember having to pull my tightly gripping fingers away from his throat at one point, so I was not handling the noise well. Smug-Baby slept right through it! Goody for her L

Tuesday, I took Smug-Baby, Smug-Niece AND one of my nephews (really should come up with a good name for him…) with me to both CVS and Kroger while I did my shopping and used my coupons. It took several hours and I had Smug-Baby in the back carrier and Smug-Niece in the cart and my nephew walking along side the cart pointing out all the things that he really wished he could have, and all the things that he has always wanted. By the time I headed for checkout both babies were letting me know that they had had enough! They fell asleep almost as soon as I got them in the car. I took all my purchases home and then went to pick up Smug-Grandma and took her to the store to get a new computer. I hated doing that because she looks to me to help her make the right decision and I know nothing about current computer specs and what is a good deal or anything! I worked in the IT department for 4 years about 6 years ago and I think that she feels like that makes me an expert in all things technological, but it doesn’t. I know that I can figure some stuff out for her, but not everything and I am terrified that I am going to mess stuff up or lose her files or whatever and she is simply going to kill me! Anyway, we spent a good hour or more at the store before I was finally able to take Smug-Niece home to her mama.

After the babies got some Binky’s it was off again, back to Smug-Grandma’s to set up the new computer. It took forever and it was after 6pm when I finally got home. Smug-Baby was in major need of cup filling but was so tired from not having a good nap that everything made her cranky! I finally just did her bath early and she was asleep by 8pm. I had some food and cleaned up the kitchen and spoke with my husband about the plans for today for a few minutes and then I was in bed by 9. Finally, I thought, tonight is the night! I will finally get some good, restful sleep!!

Smug-Hub is off today, so I think that he thought that entitled him to his Friday/Saturday respite from coming to bed “early” (11:30 is not early to me, but whatever!) so, Smug-Baby started rolling around restlessly about 12:30. Not too bad, just on and off and not settling down but it meant that I was awake. She nursed some, but her little fingers kept pinching me or trying to bend my fingernails backward, so not really soundly asleep either. This went on for a while, and about 2:30, Smug-Hub came to bed. Then the whistling began again and the restless baby rolled around some more and then the alarm went off.

I dragged myself into the shower, thinking that at least the hot water would relax all the tension in my neck and shoulders and make the start of my long day a little better. I turned on the shower and the water pressure wasn’t quite right and then suddenly, the shower head started sending forth this loud, high-pitched whine (not unlike the CPAP whistle I had been listening to for the last 2 hours). This has happened a few times before and always goes away after a few seconds. I adjusted the water temperature to see if that would help and while I did get various pitch levels, the whine didn’t go away. It stayed on throughout my whole (now hurried) shower. It was horrible and I was really concerned that it would wake the baby. I got out, feeling tenser and more stressed than when I got in. I finished getting ready for work and got out the door. On the drive into the office, I was wondering why my face felt funny. I realized that I had forgotten to put on moisturizer which when led to the realization that I hadn’t put on any make up. I did remember to brush my hair, so I guess that is a good thing.

Lord, help me through today, which is going to be spent at the pool (weather and baby attitudes permitting), so that should be fun and I plan to spend some time in the hot tub. Perhaps the jets can work out some of these aches. Provided there isn’t any odd whistling going on!

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  1. yowzer! sounds like you can't get a break! before you know it, the weekend will be here and hopefully you'll be able to make up for all the lost sleep :) or at least find a way for Chris to make it up to you for keeping you up with his whistling :)