Monday, June 27, 2011

Fresh Start

I had 1 cup of cereal this morning. That is one serving. That is also about three times less the amount of cereal I would normally have at breakfast. I also cup the amount of soy creamer in my decaf in half. My breakfast totaled just under 300 calories. I actually think that is a pretty good amount of calories for breakfast and my goal was to “take the edge off” of my hungry, but not be, what I would consider, full. I have done that and I feel ok about it.

While I would have enjoyed a whole lot more food, it doesn’t seem that my body actually NEEDS a whole lot more food. I think that my biggest problem with my eating isn’t so much what I am eating, but is more about how much. My eyes are just as big as my stomach and I can just keep packing it away long after the hunger pains have gone away. I need to focus again on portion sizes like I did back when I was trying to lost weight to get pregnant. I still have a good eye for amounts, as in I know what a cup of cereal looks like, but I choose to ignore it. I also sometimes don’t have a good idea of how much a serving of any given item might be. Like everyone knows that a cup of cereal is about 1 serving, but how much cooked pasta? How much ice cream? How much yogurt? I need to watch the labels better than I have been and only eat when I am truly hungry and only eat until the hunger pains go away. This is actually going to be harder than it sounds, but I am going to make the effort!!

As far as exercise, the issue remains the same. I am going to try to get the girls out for a walk a few times a week, bike on the weekend and try to bounce on the mini trampoline and do my Tracy Anderson videos as much as possible. If I were able to do the cardio DVD and the muscle structure DVD every day (1 hour total), and walk and bike, then I think that I would be in really good shape (pun intended!), but life is so full as it is, finding the time and space and freedom remains a huge challenge!

Today is going to the be first day of my plan to bring the girls back to my house and see if I can get a little something checked off my list. Right now, I would like to use this time to do something that needs to get done, but that I haven’t been able to due thus far. So, today I am going to clean the upstairs bathroom and clean out all of the winter and too-small clothes from Smug-Baby’s closet and dresser. The bathroom is the only thing that didn’t get cleaned this weekend, so I need to do that to stay on track, but the clothing is the “special” project for the day.

My hope is to get to Smug-Sister’s house about 11 (Smug-Hub is off work today, so I have to go home and get the baby before heading to her place) and make lunch (leftover veggie kabobs and mashed potatoes with a side salad) before getting them in the car about 1pm. Take a drive to let them nap and I’ll end up at my house. I plan on sitting in the car with them and read until they wake up (I probably could leave them in the car in the garage, but I am not really comfortable with that, and I like having some time to read!!), then I will get them settled with toys and do my projects. If they are really unhappy, all cleaning will be abandoned and if they stay happy longer, then I will tackle the spice cabinet!

It is the start of a good week, I can feel it! I am back in track and pulling myself and my home out of this slump!!

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