Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Still Slightly Slumped

Well, I am still having issues pulling myself out of my slump and I hate that I struggle so with everything. I feel so lethargic a lot of the time. I hate to place blame, but Smug-Hub (while wonderful in many ways) is quite lazy. There really isn't a nice way to put it, he is lazy. If he can avoid doing something strenuous or even something at all he will. I tend to feed off his laziness and then I get lazy too. It's two fold really, if I see him making food in the kitchen and not cleaning up after himself, then I have a hard time getting in there and cleaning it up. I feel like he made the mess, he should clean it up. Secondly, I feel angry that he is sitting there watching TV while I am folding laundry or making up wipes or cleaning the kitchen or working on a project, so I sit my butt down and don't do anything either.

If he were up and working on one of his projects, then I would be to, but when he is sitting on the sofa and hollering for me to bring him the remote that he left in the kitchen so his lazy butt doesn't have to get up and get it, then I lose all interest in working on something. Also, it is really frustrating to spend hours working on cleaning and organizing something and have him come in and start junking it up within 2 hours!! Like why bother??

We have talked about it, but he is just kind of lazy and he is only going to do what he wants and there really isn't much I can say to change that. He cleaned the house (as in, ran the vacuum around) one day when I was out of town. He spent some time cleaning out the crates that house Smug-Baby's toys, putting like with like and making everything look nice. Within about 12 minutes, she had pulled everything out and put things back in "wrong" areas. He was so upset that his time had been wasted (not really upset at her or anything, but you know what I mean) I tried to explain that this was how I felt after I spent hours and hours cleaning the house and then he came home and dropped his clothes on the floor. Went right over his head...

I feel like if I could just get the whole house cleaned and organized then I could maintain it without too much trouble. Like take 15 minutes each evening to put things away and wipe things down and then everything would remain clean and organized, but in order to get it that way, I need to spend hours and hours getting it to that place. I feel that way about my weight too, if I could just get down to my goal weight then I could maintain it without much trouble. I can fit in exercise a few times a week, but in order to lose weight, I need to do it everyday for long periods of time and I can't fit that into my life right now. Of course, if my house didn't require so much of my time, then maybe I would be able to find the time for large amounts of exercise :)

Smug-Sister sent me a text a few days ago about The Firm Express that she saw on an infomercial that promises that users will lose 15 pounds in 30 days. I watched it and even the little wording at the bottom of the screen (those little words that on other infomercials states that the results are not typical) says that users on the supervised program lost an average of 17 pounds and 23 inches, but your results may vary. That sounds promising! Also, if you have say 30 pounds or 45 pounds to lose, then you just repeat the system over and over, losing another 15 pounds for every 30 day cycle of the program, so there isn't a ton of other DVD's they want you to puchase.

This is what I want. Something that will allow me to quickly lose all the weight that I need to. I would need to do this cycle 3 times and be finished with losing in 3 months. I am not gaining right now. I am maintaining right now. I eat really well 75% of the time and I exercise a few times a week and that is enough to maintain my current weight. If I was finished losing, then I know I could maintain with my normal, healthy eating and whenever-I-have-time exercising. But the program is $90 plus shipping and I just spent $90 on Tracy Anderson's program and I feel like her program would work too. Its just that The Firm is 20 minutes, 3 times a week and Tracy's is 60 minutes 7 days a week and I can't fit that in!!

Maybe I could if my house was in good shape...

I need more hours in the day!!!

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