Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 1

Well, I have been working to follow my new schedule and it is really helping me focus! I know when things are going to get done and I know what I need to get done today and tomorrow, so I know that I can work to get ahead or not worry about not getting everything done because I should have time to finish it tomorrow. It is keeping me focused on the tasks at hand and not wandering around looking at all the stuff that I have to get done with no plan of how or when it is going to get done and feeling depressed about it.

I knew that I didn’t want to spend the weekend working around the house, so we spent the weekend with family and friends and each other. We saw some friends whom we connect very well with, but hardly ever see. Nikki and I are very like-minded when it comes to parenting. We both love to cook and are organized, routine-loving people so we get along great! Sharing ideas and supporting each others decisions. I would really like to see them more and while we were there, we scheduled another breakfast at our place in about a month, so I am looking forward to that.

We shared two meals with my dad and step-mom and that was nice. We spent lots of time with Smug-Baby refilling her little attention cup. Given the week that we just had and the week we are diving into her quality time with mommy and daddy has been/will be limited, so we spent tons of time with her, just playing and rolling on the floor and stuff.

I spent zero time cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, nothing!! Sunday evening I did run a few loads of laundry because I knew that Monday was laundry day and I wasn’t going to be able to come back to the house during the day due to this special project that I am working on at work. I am able to work remotely, but still have to have care for Smug-Baby and Smug-Niece.

Today, I ran more laundry before I left for the office, I spent the day at Smug-Sister’s and my dad and step-mom came over and cared for the girls while Smug-Sister and worked. When I finished up, I ran by to see a friend who is in from out-of-town and visited with her for a bit and then got home about 6:30. I worked on finishing up the laundry, straightening up the house and making dinner. After Smug-Hub got home and dinner was consumed, he and Smug-Baby rolled around and played on the floor and cleaned up the kitchen and finished the last of the laundry.

Then it was bath time and we all got ready for bed. Now we are waiting for someone to get tired enough for sleep. It is close to 10:30 and she is still up and playing and having a good time with her daddy. I wonder if she is fighting sleep because she is just so happy to be with us. She has been bursting into tears on and off and I wonder if her belly is hurting. She had pizza for the first time today and I wonder if that is too much concentrated dairy for her sensitive stomach. I haven’t felt great in my stomach either today after I indulged in some pizza too, so…

Tomorrow’s task is to do the grocery shopping so I have spent some time tonight clipping the coupons and putting my lists together. I also found some organizers on sale at Target, so I might try to run out there after work too – I have big plans for the space under the stairs!! I will also need to collect all the trash and recycling and get that out. Not too much for one day really is it??

Time to get this baby concentrating on bed!!

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