Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have my sights set pretty high for tomorrow! Today was an unexpected day off from caring for Smug-Niece, so Smug-Baby and I went home and I have spent the day organizing the bedroom. I have two boxes of winter clothes that now are safely housed in totes under the bed. I also have a huge trash bag of clothes for the Goodwill and another bag of some random trash. The room isn't "clean" but it is organized (well, I didn't do anything with Smug-Hub's stuff cause he wasn't home and therefore unable to help/advise). When I do my weekly house cleaning on (hopefully) Friday, I will take the extra time to wipe the baseboards, wash the window and dust the walls in addition to my normal dusting, vacuuming routine. I felt really good about getting that room well underway.

While Smug-Baby took a (HOLY CRAP) two hour nap, I emptied the dishwasher, washed dishes, clipped coupons, straightened up the house, folded two loads of laundry (the rest of the laundry was all finished, folded and put away before Smug-Hub got home from work!) and put some photos into the photo album.

I made homemade spaghetti sauce, which starts with some onions and celery and mushrooms that were all starting to turn and I purred this huge zucchini from the garden of someone we work with. Then I added a jar of store bought sauce and some fresh basil. Then it looked a little green so I added a can of tomatoes, two cans of tomato sauce and some tomato paste. It was good! We are going to have it for lunch tomorrow and just think of all those veggies!!

Smug-Baby and I had eaten and gotten the kitchen cleaned up along with Smug-Baby's bath by the time Smug-Hub got home from work (he had a flat tire that delayed him) and while he played with Smug-Baby I made up the menus and grocery list and worked out the schedule for Tuesday.

My plan for Tuesday involves a quick trip to drop of the stuff at goodwill and then a visit to Family Dollar, because it is on the way and because I am hearing buzz that they often have the best deals on household cleaning stuff and I want to check it out. Also, Smug-Niece's daddy doesn't go into work until later, so I have some time before I need to get there.

I plan on trying to get a workout video done while the girl’s play, as they are generally happiest when I first arrive, and then have lunch.

After lunch I will take the girls for a drive that may or may not include a detour to CVS that depends on how quickly they fall asleep. When they wake, we will do the Kroger shopping and end up back at my house.

While they play, I will attempt to clean the entry way. It shouldn't be a hard project, basically give the banister a good washing, vacuum the stairs and landing, sweep the outside porch and steps. I would also like to try to give the whole house a quick dusting and run the vacuum, but those are optional depending on how the girls are doing.

I will drop Smug-Niece back home at 5 and hit Dollar General as I have a few coupons there that I need to take advantage of and it's on the way home.

Then I will play with my girl and give her all my love and attention until about 7, when I will start dinner. I think that we will have Spanish Quinoa with veggies! After that a quick bath and play time with daddy and let's hope we all have a good night's rest!!

I'm ready to sleep now and Smug-Baby is looking tired too. I bet she will sleep well tonight :)

Wish me luck on my ambitious plan for tomorrow!!

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