Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Well, Tuesday hasn't gone according to plan, but when babies are involved how can it? Firstly, Monday night wasn't good. Smug-Baby was up a lot and so I have been awake since 1:30am. I am actually doing OK since I got some sleep over the weekend I guess.

My plan was to get Smug-Niece and take them grocery shopping and then let them fall asleep on the way home. This way I could unpack the groceries while they slept, however, Smug-Niece was really tired and therefore fell asleep before I got there. This introduces a wrinkle because by the time she woke up Smug-Baby was really tired. Also, without Smug-Niece to play with, Smug-Baby was very lonely and kept running down the hall to try to wake her sleeping cousin.

Anyway, I tried to play with them for a while and hoped that since Smug-Niece hadn't slept long, they would be able to fall asleep together. So I headed for the grocery store, but Smug-Baby was too tired and promptly fell asleep, so I decided to keep driving and hope that Smug-Niece would do the same. All I ended up doing was wasting gas!

So I ended up just going home, I figured I could play with Smug-Niece while Smug-Baby finished her nap. However, she woke as I pulled into the garage so I took them both upstairs and we played. Now, Smug-Baby was fairly refreshed and Smug-Niece was getting tired! We shared some crackers and a banana and after a while I decided that I need to try to get some errands run so off we went!

Wal-Mart was fairly productive, although the wait in line at checkout wasn't fun for the girls. Then a quick trip to Lowes to return something. Then they both fell asleep! Dang I thought, how am I going to get anything else done and I'm outta gas!!

So I got gas first and then picked up Smug-Grandma and she stayed in the car with the girls while I picked up a few things at the Co-op. Then we went back to her house, changed diapers on everyone (they were awake by now) and I worked on trying to get her printer connected (which I failed at and if anyone has any ideas, please share!!!) then it was about 6pm so I took Smug-Niece back to her waiting mama!

I decided that instead of going grocery shopping, I would stay and have dinner with my sister and her family. I never get time to just hang with my sister. I know that I see her everyday, but not more than "when was the last diaper changed?" its sad really.

Anyway, she made this fabulous pasta and Smug-Grandma joined us and brought salad. It was a nice meal and after I helped with the clean up I headed home. Smug-Hub got home just as I did and Smug-Baby was so happy to see her daddy, waving her little arms around and grinning!

I unpacked the look I picked up at CVS and Wal-Mart while Smug-Hub made himself some dinner and Smug-Baby played. Then it was about bath time and while she was splashing in the tub, I did my house pick-up routine and Smug-Hub cleaned his dishes.

Now, they are having their normal play time on the floor and I am filling you in on my day. I think that I am going to sign off and go watch Warehouse 13 and Eureka while Smug-Baby works on getting sleepy!

Tomorrow I have got to finish the grocery shopping, again I hope to to that before the girls get too tired. I would also like to attempt to clean the entry way of my house, sweep the porch, dust, cobweb, mop and clean the nasty banister!!

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